Planning Analyst 3


17206 (SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


Administer research and planning activities having broad organizational impact. In support of the goals and objectives of a multi-faceted, complex organizational structure, provide consultation in research, assessment, and measurement methodology. Conduct complex program, financial and other analyses to develop the organization’s position for various planning, research, and contractual endeavors such as managed care or large capital improvement projects.


Under administrative direction impacting multiple, diverse departments and the institution’s community both locally and regionally, develop strategies and research and coordinate the implementation of strategic long-range planning, marketing, project performance evaluation, and/or managed care activities including contracts.


Coordinate with several parties and manage the implementation of planned programs of long-range, strategic planning and/or market research including objectives, strategies, environmental scanning, resource allocation, implementation, and a system of evaluation, monitoring and assessment;

Develop and implement research activities to provide objective planning and marketing decision support systems having far-reaching community impact; coordinate analyses and data dissemination regarding external and internal factors and trends;

Organize, prepare and develop selected managed care contracts with payers and purchasers; serve as contract specialist;

Develop the institution’s negotiating position based on assembled data and financial analysis; negotiate managed care contracts in collaboration with internal and external entities;

Lead and facilitate the strategic marketing process for managed care and selected services including vision, positioning statement and development of a marketing plan; coordinate the institution’s contract application process;

Develop and implement marketing communication strategies and tactics for selected programs and services in conjunction with internal public relations groups and external advertising agencies;

Coordinate applied market research activities including problem formulation and research design, selection and management of research suppliers, writing research proposals and project specifications, designing questionnaires, data collection, reduction and analyses, and writing reports;

Lead and facilitate program planning processes involving multiple departments;

Facilitate and provide consultation and support for research and data collection and to management and quality work teams on the use of statistically valid methods to measure customer service, identify areas for process improvement and technical market research;

Analyze proposed legislation, city codes and policies; evaluate potential impact on the organization and its customers; represent the organization to other agencies and local and state legislative bodies;

Participate on various committees and tasks forces for planning, marketing, information systems, and/or measurement to contribute to the group’s objectives; coordinate related activities and projects;

Conduct cost/benefit and revenue analysis for various departments, operations, or projects within the organization;

Develop and deliver persuasive presentations;

Coordinate and conduct site planning activities;

Direct the work of others;

Perform the work of Planning Analyst II;

Perform related duties as required.


A Master’s Degree in business, health administration, public administration, or public health AND five years of experience in marketing and strategic planning, managed care, senior-level data analysis, oral and written report preparation

equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 5-13-94

New to CSA: 5-1-00

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05