Partial-day absences

Last updated: September 22, 2023

This policy on partial-day absences applies only to professional staff and UAW – Research Scientist Engineer bargaining unit employees.


If you are overtime-eligible, you must use appropriate paid leave to cover a partial-day absence. If you do not have accrued leave, your absence will be unpaid.


If you are overtime-exempt, you are expected to work to complete your job responsibilities, which sometimes may involve working extra hours. Therefore, an occasional partial-day absence does not require the use of paid leave. Of course, such absences should not be frequent or lengthy.

Even though you do not need to use paid leave for a partial-day absence, you must get supervisor approval for the time off.


For both overtime-eligible and overtime-exempt staff, any partial-day absence that is covered by FMLA must be recorded as FMLA and charged to an appropriate leave balance. If paid leave is not available, you must take leave without pay.