Earnings types listed alphabetically

The earnings listed below are current in Workday as of January 1, 2023. However, links to detailed information about specific earnings are provided, for now, as historical reference for eligibility and rate information.

This webpage will continue to be updated with more detailed earnings information as it is developed.

Earning namePayslip nameWorkday codeCategory
3WE-Third WeekendThird Weekend3WEPremium pay
ADS-Administrative SupplementAdministrative SupplementADSExcess/Supplemental Pay
AEL-AFT Advanced Extension LecturerAFT Advanced Extension LecturerAELBase pay
AKA-Alaska RN Assignment PayAlaska RN Assignment PayAKAPremium pay
ALP-Annual Leave PayoffAnnual Leave PayoutALPTime offs and payouts
APF-Allowance Pymt ForeignAllowance Payment ForeignAPFExcess/Supplemental Pay
ASP-Academic Student PaymentAcademic Student PaymentASPExcess/Supplemental Pay
AWD-AwardAwardAWDExcess/Supplemental Pay
AWG-Award - Grossed upAward - Grossed upAWGExcess/Supplemental Pay
BHP-SAG AFTRA Broadcast Host PremiumSAG AFTRA Broadcast Host PremiumBHPPremium pay
BLM-Bereavement Leave PFMLBereavement Time Off PFMLBLMTime offs and payouts
BLP-Bereavement LeaveBereavement Time OffBLPTime offs and payouts
BPO-BSN Premium Perm OTBSN Premium OTBPOCertification and education pay
BPP-BSN Premium PermBSN PremiumBPPCertification and education pay
BSF-UWHA Bike Sustainability FundUWHA Bike Sustainability FundBSFExcess/Supplemental Pay
C/B-Call Back PayCall Back PayC/BPremium pay
CAR-Car AllowanceCar AllowanceCARExcess/Supplemental Pay
CAS-Class Action SettlementClass Action SettlementCASExcess/Supplemental Pay
CEF-Cross Entity FloatCross Entity Float PremiumCEFPremium pay
CFP-Clinic Float PremiumClinic Float PremiumCFPPremium pay
CIP - Certified Instructor PremiumCertified Instructor PremiumCIPPremium pay
CLA-Clinical AdvisorClinical AdvisorCLAExcess/Supplemental Pay
CLP-Custodian Lead PremiumCustodian Lead PremiumCLPPremium pay
COA-Court AssignmentCourt AssignmentCOAPremium pay
COG-Court Assignment GuaranteeCourt Assignment GuaranteeCOGExcess/Supplemental Pay
CRG-Charge NurseCharge NurseCRGPremium pay
CRO-CRT Premium Perm OTCertification OT PayCROPremium overtime
CRS-Chief Resident AllowanceChief Resident AllowanceCRSExcess/Supplemental Pay
CRT-Certification PayCertification PayCRTCertification and education pay
CTA-Comp Time AnnualComp Time Annual PayoutCTATime offs and payouts
CTM-Comp Time Used PFMLComp Time Used PFMLCTMTime offs and payouts
CTP-Comp Time/Holiday PayoutComp Time/Holiday PayoutCTPTime offs and payouts
CTU-Comp Time UsedComp Time UsedCTUTime offs and payouts
CVF-COVID-19 Emergency FMLA Paid LeaveCOVID-19 Emergency FMLA Paid LeaveCVFTime offs and payouts
CVL-Civil LeaveCivil Duty Time OffCVLTime offs and payouts
CXS-Covid Extra Shift PremiumCovid Extra Shift PremiumCXSPremium pay
DLM-Discretionary Leave PFMLDiscretionary Time Off PFMLDLMTime offs and payouts
DLP-Discretionary LeaveDiscretionary Time OffDLPTime offs and payouts
DPP-Dentistry Practice PlanDentistry Practice PlanDPPExcess/Supplemental Pay
E/C-Excess CompensationExcess CompensationE/CExcess/Supplemental Pay
ECL-Extra Corporeal Life SupportExtra Corporeal Life SupportECLPremium pay
ECP - Excess CompensationExcess CompensationECPExcess/Supplemental Pay
EIP-Education Incentive PaymentEducation IncentiveEIPCertification and education pay
ELS-Extension Lecturer SummerExtension Lecturer SummerELSExcess/Supplemental Pay
ENS-Endowed SupplementEndowed SupplementENSExcess/Supplemental Pay
ERP-Employee Referral ProgramEmployee Referral ProgramERPExcess/Supplemental Pay
ESF-Emergency Paid Sick Time Off FamilyEmergency Paid Sick Time Off – FamilyESFTime offs and payouts
ESS-Emergency Paid Sick Time Off SelfEmergency Paid Sick Time Off – SelfESSTime offs and payouts
EWC-Excess Workload CompExcess Workload CompEWCExcess/Supplemental Pay
FEE-Fee Based PaymentFee Based PaymentFEEExcess/Supplemental Pay
FGD-Football Game DayFootball Game DayFGDPremium pay
FIP-Fitness Incentive PaymentFitness IncentiveFIPExcess/Supplemental Pay
FOD-Double Time (1.5 Portion)Double TimeFODOvertime
FOP-FLSA Overtime - PremiumFLSA OT-PremiumFOPPremium overtime
FOT-FLSA Overtime (Straight Time Portion)FLSA OT-Straight TimeFOTOvertime
FPO-Float Pay OTFloat OT PayFPOPremium pay
FPP-Float Pay PermanentFloat PayFPPPremium pay
FPT-Float PayFloat PayFPTPremium pay
FTP-Field Training Officer PremField Training Officer PremFTPPremium pay
G3S-Graduate Schedule 3 SplmtGrad Schedule 3 SupplementG3SExcess/Supplemental Pay
GSA-Graduate Student ApptGrad Student AppointmentGSABase pay
H/P-Holiday PremiumHoliday PremiumH/PPremium pay
H/S-Holiday Straight TimeHoliday Straight TimeH/SBase pay
H/T-Holiday TimeHoliday TimeH/TBase pay
HCM-Holiday Credit Used PFMLHoliday Credit Used PFMLHCMTime offs and payouts
HCP-UWHA Home Call PayHome Call PaymentHCPPremium pay
HCU-Holiday Credit UsedHoliday Credit UsedHCUTime offs and payouts
HOL-Paid HolidayUW HolidayHOLTime offs and payouts
HRP-Hospital Restraint PremiumHospital Restraint PremiumHRPPremium pay
HRY-Hourly PayHourly PayHRYBase pay
HSA-Hourly Sea AdjustmentHourly Sea AdjustmentHSAPremium pay
HTA-Holiday Time AnnualHoliday Time Annual PayoutHTATime offs and payouts
HTM-Paid Holiday PFMLUW Holiday PFMLHTMTime offs and payouts
HWB-Assignment PayAssignment PayHWBPremium pay
I10-Incentive Shift 10 HoursIncentive ShiftI10Excess/Supplemental Pay
I12-Incentive Shift 12 HoursIncentive ShiftI12Excess/Supplemental Pay
ICA-ICA Contract AllowanceICA Contract AllowanceICABase pay
ICP-Incentive PaymentIncentive PaymentICPExcess/Supplemental Pay
INF-Med Ctr Infect CtrlMC Infect Ctrl TemporaryINFPremium pay
INO-Med Ctr Infect Ctrl OT PremMC Infect Ctrl OT PremINOPremium overtime
INP-Med Ctr Infect Ctrl-PermMC Infect Ctrl PermanentINPPremium pay
IPA-In-Patient Assignment PayIn-Patient Assignment PayIPAPremium pay
IS8-Incentive Shift 8 HoursIncentive ShiftIS8Excess/Supplemental Pay
ISF-Incentive ShiftIncentive ShiftISFExcess/Supplemental Pay
K9P-K9 Officer PremiumK9 PremiumK9PPremium pay
LCS-Low Census StandbyLow Census StandbyLCSPremium pay
LDP-Language Differential - TemporaryLanguage Differential TempLDPCertification and education pay
LEA-Lead PayLead PayLEAPremium pay
LNG-Language DifferentialLanguage Differential PermLNGCertification and education pay
LPA-Sick Leave Payoff AnnualSick Time Off Annual PayoutLPATime offs and payouts
LPP-Longevity PayLongevity PayLPPPremium pay
LPR-Sick Leave Payoff RetireSick Time Off Retire PayoutLPRTime offs and payouts
LSP-Soiled Linen PremiumSoiled Linen PremiumLSPPremium pay
LWF-Leave Without Pay for FurloughLeave Without PayLWFUnpaid time off
LWO-Leave Without PayLeave Without PayLWOUnpaid time off
LWO-Leave Without Pay - Suspended Operations PaybackLeave Without Pay - Suspended Ops PaybackLWOSUSUnpaid time off
M/P-Marine PremiumMarine PremiumM/PPremium pay
MBP-Missed Break PremiumMissed Break PremiumMBPPremium pay
MD1-Modality Pay 1Modality Pay 1MD1Premium pay
MD2-Modality Pay 2Modality Pay 2MD2Premium pay
MD3-Modality Pay 3Modality Pay 3MD3Premium pay
MEA-Moving Expense AllowanceMoving Expense AllowanceMEAExcess/Supplemental Pay
MLP-Military Leave PayMilitary DutyMLPTime offs and payouts
MSA-Mobile Service AgreementMobile Service AgreementMSAExcess/Supplemental Pay
MTI-Medical Trans ll IncMedical Trans ll IncMTIPremium pay
NLP-No Loss of PayNLP-No Loss of PayNLPBase pay
NNP-Neonatal Nurse PracNeonatal Nurse PractitionerNNPPremium pay
NSB - Nurse StandbyOver Hours StandbyNSBPremium pay
NWH-Northwest Hospital Time OffNorthwest Hospital Carryover Time OffNWHTime offs and payouts
NWM-Northwest Hospital Time Off PFMLNorthwest Hospital Carryover Time Off PFMLNWMTime offs and payouts
O/T-Contractual OvertimeContractual OvertimeO/TOvertime
O2S-Overtime Contract 2nd Shift PremiumOvertime Shift - 2ndO2SPremium overtime
O3S-Overtime Contract 3rd Shift PremiumOvertime Shift - 3rdO3SPremium overtime
OCP-SAG AFTRA On Call PaySAG AFTRA On Call PayOCPPremium pay
OLP-Old Annual Leave PayoffOld Annual Leave PayoutOLPTime offs and payouts
ONS-Overtime Negotiated Shift PremiumOvertime ShiftONSPremium overtime
OTS-Overtime - 1.725Overtime - 1.725OTSOvertime
P2D-Evening Shift - PermanentEvening Shift PermanentP2DPremium pay
P3D-Night Shift - PermanentNight Shift PermanentP3DPremium pay
PCL-Custodian Lead Prem PermCustodian Lead PremiumPCLPremium pay
PCO-Plain Clothes Officer PaymentPlain Clothes AllowancePCOPremium pay
PDL-Police Disability LeavePolice Disability LeavePDLTime offs and payouts
PDS-Police Disability SupplementPolice Disability SupplementPDSExcess/Supplemental Pay
PDT-Premium Double TimePremium Double TimePDTOvertime
PHA-Personal HolidayPersonal HolidayPHATime offs and payouts
PHM-Personal Holiday PFMLPersonal Holiday PFMLPHMTime offs and payouts
PLN-Pay In Lieu Layoff NoticePay In Lieu Layoff NoticePLNExcess/Supplemental Pay
PLP-Professional Leave PayProfessional Leave PayPLPTime offs and payouts
PM1-Modality Pay 1 - PermanentModality Pay 1 - PermanentPM1Premium pay
PM2-Modality Pay 2 - PermanentModality Pay 2 - PermanentPM2Premium pay
PND-Negotiated Shift - PermanentShift PremiumPNDPremium pay
PPH-Print Plant HourlyPrint Plant HourlyPPHBase pay
PRO-Preceptor OT PremPreceptor OT PremPROPremium overtime
PRT-Preceptor PremiumPreceptor PremiumPRTPremium pay
PSB-UWPD StandbyUWPD StandbyPSBPremium pay
R/P-Regular PremiumRegular PremiumR/PPremium pay
RAP - Reassignment PremiumALNW Reassignment PremiumRAPPremium pay
RCF-UWHA Resident Childcare FundChildcare FundRCFExcess/Supplemental Pay
RDSB-Reduce StandbyReduce StandbyRDSBPremium pay
REC-Recruitment Incentive PaymentRecruitment IncentiveRECExcess/Supplemental Pay
REG-Regular EarningsRegular EarningsREGBase pay
REP-Retention Incentive PaymentRetention IncentiveREPExcess/Supplemental Pay
RET-Retirement SupplementRetirement SupplementRETExcess/Supplemental Pay
RGH-Regular HourlyRegular EarningsRGHBase pay
RIP-Relocation Incentive PayRelocation Incentive PayRIPExcess/Supplemental Pay
RPD-Regular Premium DoubletimeRegular Premium DoubletimeRPDPremium overtime
RRA-Retro Rate AdjustmentRetro Rate AdjustmentRRAExcess/Supplemental Pay
RRH-Recruit/Retent HrlyRecruit/Retent HrlyRRHPremium pay
RSB-Regular StandbyRegular StandbyRSBPremium pay
RVA-Resource Vascular Access TeamVascular Access PayRVAPremium pay
S/L-Paid Sick LeaveSick Time OffS/LTime offs and payouts
S/T-Straight TimeStraight TimeS/TBase pay
S2D-Evening ShiftEvening ShiftS2DPremium pay
S3D-Night ShiftNight ShiftS3DPremium pay
SAC - SANE Case PaymentSANE Case PaymentSACExcess/Supplemental Pay
SBP-Shift Break PremiumShift Break PremiumSBPPremium pay
SCP-Shift Cancellation PaymentShift Cancellation PaySCPPremium pay
SEG - Special Event GuaranteeSpecial Event GuaranteeSEGExcess/Supplemental Pay
SET-SettlementSettlementSETExcess/Supplemental Pay
SFP-Academic Personnel StipendStipendSFPBase pay
SHH-COVID-19 Stay Home, Stay Healthy PayCOVID-19 Stay Home, Stay Healthy PaySHHBase pay
SHO-Student Hourly Overtime (Straight Time Portion)FLSA OT-Straight TimeSHOOvertime
SHR-Student Hourly PayStudent Hourly PaySHRBase pay
SIP-HFS Incentive PayStudent Incentive PaymentSIPPremium pay
SKP - Physical Therapist WeekendPhysical Therapist WeekendSKPPremium pay
SLM-Paid Sick Leave PFMLSick Time Off PFMLSLMTime offs and payouts
SLP-Shared Leave ProgramShared LeaveSLPTime offs and payouts
SMC-SAG Minimum Call GuaranteeSAG Minimum Call GuaranteeSMCPremium pay
SND-Negotiated ShiftShift PremiumSNDPremium pay
SOC-SAG On Call Minimum GuaranteeSAG On Call Minimum GuaranteeSOCPremium pay
SOP-FLSA Overtime - Premium (Students)FLSA OT-PremiumSOPPremium overtime
SPD-Spiritual Care Pay DaySpiritual Care Pay DaySPDPremium pay
SPH-Spiritual Care Hard to FillSpiritual Care Hard to FillSPHPremium pay
SRR-Sea & Remote Research PaySea & Remote Research PaySRRPremium pay
STA-Stat NurseStat NurseSTAPremium pay
STP-Stipends/FellowshipStipendSTPBase pay
SUB-Substitute LeadSubstitute LeadSUBPremium pay
SUP-Supplemental PaySupplemental PaySUPPremium pay
SUS-Suspended OperationSuspended OperationsSUSPremium pay
SWB-Stipend With BenefitsStipendSWBBase pay
SWC-Social Work Weekend CoordinatorSocial Work WeekendSWCPremium pay
TFO-Temporary Float OT PayFloat OT PayTFOPremium pay
TFP-Temporary Float PayFloat PayTFPPremium pay
TPI-Temporary Pay IncreaseTemporary Pay IncreaseTPIExcess/Supplemental Pay
TPP-Temporary Pay SupplementTemporary SupplementTPPExcess/Supplemental Pay
TPS-Temporary SupplementTemporary SupplementTPSExcess/Supplemental Pay
TRA-UWHA Travel AllowanceTravel AllowanceTRAExcess/Supplemental Pay
TRI-Temporary Retention IncentiveTemporary Retention IncreaseTRIExcess/Supplemental Pay
TRN-Post Doc TraineePost Doc TraineeTRNBase pay
TSA-Temp Student AppointmentTemp Student AppointmentTSABase pay
TSI-Temporary Salary IncreaseTemporary Salary IncreaseTSIExcess/Supplemental Pay
TSL-Trainee Paid Sick LeaveTrainee Paid Sick LeaveTSLTime offs and payouts
TSQ-Teaching Asst. Summer QuarterTA Summer Qtr PremiumTSQBase pay
TUP-FFCRA Top Up Time OffFFCRA Top Up Time OffTUPTime offs and payouts
TXP-Transfer PayCOVID-19 Reassignment PayTXPPremium pay
UNC-UWNC Time OffUWNC Carryover Time OffUNCTime offs and payouts
UNL-Union Negotiated Lump PaymentUnion Negotiated Lump PaymentUNLExcess/Supplemental Pay
UNM-UWNC Time Off PFMLUWNC Carryover Time Off PFMLUNMTime offs and payouts
UNP-Union Negotiated PaymentUnion Negotiated PaymentUNPExcess/Supplemental Pay
URD-Unrelated Duties EarningsUnrelated Duties EarningsURDPremium pay
VAC-Paid VacationVacation Time OffVACTime offs and payouts
VTM-Paid Vacation PFMLVacation Time Off PFMLVTMTime offs and payouts
WKD-Weekend PremiumWeekend PremiumWKDPremium pay
WKO-Weekend Premium OTWeekend Premium OTWKOPremium overtime
WSF-Work Study Federal ProgramWork Study Federal ProgramWSFBase pay
WSL-Work Study Literacy ProgramWork Study Literacy ProgramWSLBase pay
WSS-Work Study State ProgramWork Study State ProgramWSSBase pay
XLP-Exempted Ann Leave PayoffVacation PayoutXLPTime offs and payouts