Career Enhancement/Growth Program

Last updated: May 1, 2024

Regular and nonpermanent contract classified employees represented by SEIU 925 and WFSE are eligible for the Career Enhancement/Growth Program (CEGP). This program allows managers to recognize and reward eligible staff who:

  • Have been in the same job classification at the highest automatic increment step, or an intermediate CEGP step in the same job classification, for a minimum of one year; and,
  • Whose development of skills, increased productivity, or permanent assumption of higher-level duties have resulted in service enhancements or efficiencies exceeding those normally expected of someone in the employee’s classification (but which do not otherwise qualify the employee’s position for reclassification).

A CEGP award may start no earlier than two (2) pay periods before the date of appointing authority approval. There are no restrictions on the number of staff in a unit who may receive a CEGP step. Receiving a CEGP step does not result in a new increment date.

A manager or the employee may request a CEGP step. Employees requesting a CEGP step should give a completed form to their manager for review. Employees may include up to three letters of recommendation. Use the Classified Staff Career Enhancement Growth Program (CEGP) (MS Word) form to begin the increase process and contact the Compensation Office if you have questions.

CEGP requests are reviewed by HR Operations and then approved or denied by the HR Compensation Office.

Campus: A completed CEGP form must be attached in Workday for management-initiated requests. Employees requesting CEGP steps should send the completed form to Employee Workday Help via

Medical Centers: A completed CEGP form should be sent to Medical Centers HR – WMS at either or