Create position checklist

Classified Staff Position

This checklist is to help HR Partners and Additional Approvers ensure that a create position request is complete and ready for the HR Compensation Office’s detailed review.

  • Review Position Request Reason. Ensure reason selected is Create Position > Employee.
  • Confirm that a Job Posting Title has been provided.
    • For Classified Staff positions, this is typically the job profile name, except Program Coordinators sometimes have more specific working titles related to the program they support.
  • Review Requested Job Profile
  • Check the Job Description Summary. This field is optional. It can be blank. If used, it should contain a few sentences to describe position’s purpose.
  • Review Job Description
    • Do not merely copy and paste this from the job class spec; this must be a description of the specific position in your organization.
    • For contract classified positions minimum qualifications (MQs) must contain the exact language of the MQs on the job classification negotiated with the union. Additional “soft” non-quantified language and position-specific requirements may be added. Requests that do not include the exact language of the MQs on the specs will be sent back. Exception: Program Assistant and Program Coordinator position MQs need to be customized to reflect the needs of specific program.
    • For classified non-union positions, desired qualifications are assumed to follow the desired qualifications on the state job class specifications. Requests that do not include the exact language of the desired qualifications may be sent back.
  • Confirm Worker Sub-Type chosen is Regular
  • Attachments (Optional). This field is not required for new/vacant classified staff positions.
  • Confirm Comments have been entered (Comments are required)
    • Provide comments/justifications to communicate additional details about the position such as helpful organizational context. Is your program growing? Reorganizing? Have you won a new grant?

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