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Last updated: September 10, 2020

Who we are

The HR Community of Practice (HR CoP) is an organization of campus department HR practitioners who share the responsibility of HR policy and practice that aligns with the mission, vision, values, and priorities of the University of Washington. The group gathers regularly for meetings and best-practice discussion, events and networking, peer-led learning sessions, and mentorship.

Members of the HR CoP hold positions focused on human resources, including:

  • HR administrators
  • HR decision makers
  • HR managers
  • HR specialists

Employees who are new to human resources or growing into more advanced HR roles may also participate with their supervisor’s approval.

What we do

The community meets to discuss policy and practice updates, topics of departmental importance, peer learning, and advancement of the HR discipline across the University of Washington.

HR Community of Practice 2020 meetings

November 12

  • PowerPoint presentation
    • Policy update: Temporary employment rules update (Marisa Graudins, Director, HR Policy & Legislation)
    • Policy update: FLSA and WMWA changes (Randy West, Executive Director, UW Compensation)
    • Open Enrollment 2020 (Barry Nemeth, Benefits Manager, HR Benefits, Analytics, and Information Systems)
    • Program update (time permitting): UW Together We Will Awards update (Kimberly Mishra, Chief of Staff, UW Human Resources)

October 8

  • PowerPoint presentation
    • Policy Update: Sexual misconduct disclosure (Marisa Graudins, Director, HR Policy & Legislation)
    • Introducing the Total Compensation Statement (Rachel Gatlin, Executive Director, HR Benefits, Analytics and Information Systems}
    • Program Update: Thorud Leadership and Distinguished Staff Awards (Kimberly Mishra, chief of staff, UW Human Resources)
    • Introducing the Employee Experience Toolkit, developed by POD {Josina Garnham, training and organizational development consultant, Professional and Organizational Development)

September 10

  • Panel discussion on staff mental health with Anne Browning, Fonda Phillips, Erin Rice, and Gillian Wickwire.

August 13

July 23

  • PowerPoint presentation:
    • Title IX Update
    • UWHR’s new diversity, equity, and inclusion web resources
    • COVID-19 Employee Emergency Fund

June 18

  • Return-to-Worksite Planning: Panel discussion with Jacob Morris, Mara Stevens, Chong-Yi Lucas, and Chesca Ward.

June 4

May 21

May 7

HR CoP Coffee Connections

October 22

  • Strategies for inclusivity, leading by example, and supporting employees in stressful times

September 24

August 27

Discussion of Goal #1 of the 2017-2021 UW Diversity Blueprint: Cultivate an inclusive campus climate.

July 16: Building DEI into our local practices

  • The Staff Diversity Hiring Toolkit offers comprehensive guidance from the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, from the recruitment process through retention.

June 25: Return-to-Workplace Planning

  • Communication, employee feedback, current obstacles

June 11: Practice Share

  • Learning to conduct virtual performance evaluations
  • Creative solutions to virtual onboarding

May 14: Group discussion, introduction to the HR CoP

Coming soon
  • Tri-campus HR Institute
  • HR mentorship opportunities
  • UWHR 101: an introduction for new HR practitioners

If you’d like to join the HR Community of Practice, please contact Gwyneth Cunningham-Parmar at