Classified staff compensation

Classified Staff Compensation Overview

Find out if you’re covered by a labor contract, determine which union represents you, examine your pay tables, and more.

Job title list and specs

View the Job Title List to find classified job titles, view pay tables with monthly, hourly and annual rates, and print job specifications.

Pay Tables

If you know the pay table you wish to view you can access the pay tables directly from the tables and links on this page.

Classification Review Process

To request a classification review of a contract classified or classified non-union position, you must complete the Classified Position Review Questionnaire. This page provides tips for completing the questionnaire and outlines the overall process.

Earn types

The following content contains earning types and tables. These tables will help you know when to use a specific earnings type, how to calculate each earnings type, which employee groups are eligible to use specific earnings types, and what form to use for submitting the hours for payment of each earnings type.