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Employment programs at the University of Washington

Knowing which employment program applies to your position is important because benefits, compensation, time off, and other employment provisions are defined by employment program. Employment programs are referenced throughout UWHR’s website and in Workday.

Staff employment programs

State civil service law is the legal framework underlying staff employment programs and distinguishes between work that is covered by the civil service law and work that is exempt from civil service. Rules of employment for civil service covered positions are found in the Title 357 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) or a collective bargaining agreement. Rules of employment for civil service exempt positions may be found in other places, such as the Professional Staff Program.

Key concepts related to Washington state service for staff in non-temporary positions at UW are published on UWHR’s State service definitions webpage.

Classified staff (civil service covered)
  • Classified non-union staff positions are covered by state civil service, are not part of a union, and are governed by all or part of Washington state civil service rules.
    • Regular classified non-union staff – all civil service rules apply (WAC 357).
    • Nonpermanent classified non-union staff – only the Holidays and Leave (WAC 357-31) and Compensation (WAC 357-28) civil service rules apply.
  • Contract classified staff positions are not exempt from state civil service, but the terms and conditions of employment are defined not by the WACs but instead by one of the following current collective bargaining agreements (CBA):
    • Inlandboatmen’s Union (IBU)
    • SEIU 1199NW – Hall Health/Research Nurse Bargaining Unit
    • SEIU 1199NW – HMC Bargaining Units and Airlift NW
    • SEIU 1199NW – UWMC NWH Professional
    • SEIU 1199NW – UWMC NWH Service and Maintenance
    • SEIU Local 925
    • Teamsters Local 117 – Police
    • Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE)
    • Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) – Police Management
    • Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA) – Montlake Campus
    • Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA) – Northwest Campus
Civil service exempt staff

The groups below are exempt from civil service because they meet one or more exemption criteria under RCW 41.06.070.

  • Professional staff positions are exempt from state civil service and are covered by the terms and conditions outlined in the UW Professional Staff Program.
  • Other contract covered staff positions are exempt from state civil service and are represented by one of the following collective bargaining agreements (CBAs):
    • SEIU Local 925 – IHME
    • Teamsters Local 117 – Graphics
    • United Auto Workers – Research Scientist Engineers
    • Professional libraries and press employees in SEIU Local 925 – Libraries union
  • Hall Health Physicians and Intercollegiate Athletics Coaches/Contract Staff are covered by their respective personnel programs, which are approved by the Vice President for Human Resources and maintained in their departments. Positions in these specialized personnel programs meet one or more civil service exemptions.
  • Other exempt staff refers to a very small number of positions that are exempt from civil service for two or more exemption reasons, such as Professional Staff Temporary Positions.

Other personnel types

Academic personnel, temporary staff, and student employees are also exempt from state civil service.

Finding employment policies

Becoming familiar with your employment program’s policies and processes will help you understand how you are paid, your leave and time off options, and what other rules apply to your employment. Other ways to find out more about employment programs and policies include:

    • Verifying which employment program your position is in. Your offer letter should include this information and it is also reflected in your Workday position profile in the Job Details section under Job Family.
    • Getting to know UWHR’s policies, which cover topics ranging from wage increases to taking time off.
    • For information on student employees, visit

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