Professional & Organizational Development

Enhancing the employee experience

“Engagement is not something you can do to people. It’s a context that you create in which people are inspired to bring their best and full selves to work.” – Susan David, HBR Guide to Motivating People

Managers play a crucial role in the employee experience, and they can directly influence two key factors related to retention and engagement. Research shows that:

  • An employee’s relationship with their manager greatly impacts whether the employee chooses to stay or go.
  • Whether the employee feels that they belong and they’re with “their” people affects their level of engagement at work as well as their longevity in an organization.

POD has developed two tools to help you engage, support and retain your employees and foster a welcoming, inclusive and equitable work environment.

Employee Experience Toolkit

When employees feel like they are heard, when they know they can bring their full and true self to work, when they believe that they belong, and when they feel encouraged to stay and grow, most of the time they will do just that.

This free, downloadable Employee Experience Toolkit (PDF) provides practical steps, straightforward pointers, and conversation guides to help managers build rapport, deepen relationships with each member of their team, and better understand their employees’ unique perspectives and day-to-day experience at work.

Administrators and other HR professionals will also benefit from this information as they engage with employees, help coach managers through challenging situations, and collaborate with organizational leadership to enhance the workplace.

Employee Experience Accelerator

The Employee Experience Accelerator is a low-cost, self-paced companion class for managers and administrators who want to fast-track their efforts in this area. The course includes text, interactive content and videos around engagement, empathy, motivation and coaching skills.

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