Checklist – Create temporary position

This page was updated June 8, 2022.

Temporary Professional Staff Position

This checklist is to help HR Partners and Additional Approvers ensure that a create position request is complete and ready for the HR Compensation Office’s detailed review.

  • Review Position Request Reason. Ensure reason selected is Create Position > Employee.
  • Confirm that a Job Posting Title has been provided.
  • Review Requested Job Profile

    Job Profile Job Code
    Project Appointment (PSTA): must be at least 6 months and typically not more than 12 months. This is a salaried position with an FTE. 11650 – Project Appointment – Overtime Exempt (E S X)
    11655 – Project Appointment – O/T Exempt 11-14 (E S X)
    19650 – Project Appointment – Overtime Eligible (NE S X)
    Limited Term Appointment (LTA): must be less than 6 months and/or less than 20 hours per week. This is paid an hourly rate and has no FTE% 11850 – Limited Term Appointment – Prof Staff (NE H)


  • Check the Job Description Summary. This field is optional. It can be blank. If used, it should contain a few sentences to describe position’s purpose.
  • Review Job Description
    • Must include a detailed description of position’s specific job responsibilities with estimated percent time breakout. Total must equal 100% regardless of position’s % FTE, typically in blocks of time 5% or larger.
    • Must include minimum qualifications (education and years of work experience) in the Job Description.
    • Job duties in the Workday Job Description field must align with the duties documented on the attached forms (i.e., Professional Staff Position Description or Research Scientist/Engineer Questionnaire)
  • Confirm Worker Sub-Type
    • For Project Appointment (PSTA): Fixed Term (Fixed Term).
    • For Limited Term Appointment (LTA): Temporary (Fixed Term).
  • Include Required Attachments

    Type of Position Required Forms
    All regular pro staff positions Professional Staff Temporary Position (PSTP) Form
    Research Scientist/Engineer positions Professional Staff Temporary Position (PSTP) Form AND Research Scientist/Engineer Questionnaire
    Non-Research Scientist/Engineer Research Position Professional Staff Temporary Position (PSTP) Form AND Research Activities Form
  • Confirm Comments have been entered (Comments are required)
    • Provide comments/justifications to communicate additional details about the position, such as helpful organizational text.

Notes: HR Forms are at
Workday User Guides for Create Position are at: