Orthopaedic Technician 1


18158 (SEIU LOCAL 925 Healthcare Prof/Laboratory Tech)


Provide patient care through the application and removal of casts, braces, splints, and dressings; provide wound care.


Apply, mend, and remove a variety of casts, splints, and dressings; fit, maintain, and repair appliances; instruct patients in wound care, cast/brace care and fitting, and use of crutches and other appliances; prepare and maintain medical records; order and stock supplies.


Under general supervision, perform basic orthopedic activities such as apply, mend, and remove casts, splints and dressings; fit, maintain, and repair appliances; instruct patients on orthopedic treatment and devices.


Apply, mend, and remove casts, splints, and dressings; fit patients with orthopedic appliances such as slings, braces and knee immobilizers;

Assist physician with procedures performed in the clinic or nursing unit, such as wound debridement and pin placement/removal;

Evaluate cast problems and complications; make needed adjustments;

Observe and document in the medical record the patients’ physical and emotional conditions; recognize and report symptoms of common medical illness to physician or nurse;

Monitor patient’s condition following casting; recognize emergent situation following casting;

Perform toe nail, corn, callous, bunion, and other related foot treatment;

Assist with the application and maintenance of traction appliances;

Instruct patients on cast and brace care and ambulation; present portions of the pre- and post-procedures at patient education sessions; instruct medical students and residents on proper casting and bracing techniques; develop patient education materials;

Assist in other areas of the clinic to assure efficient clinic operations;

Recognize and report abnormal laboratory values and radiology reports to physician or nurse;

Verify presence of medical records and x-rays prior to scheduled appointments; request existing records and x-rays as necessary; document information to complete patient record;

Schedule routine and special procedures; prepare patients for and assist health care professionals with procedures;

Complete billing documents, verifying the correctness of charges and that diagnoses have been obtained; respond to patient billing questions, referring as necessary to appropriate source;

Transport patients and lab specimens;

Order medical and clerical supplies; stock examination/cast rooms;

Assure that cast/procedure rooms are organized efficiently and running smoothly; maintain and keep clean cast saws and vacuum units;

Assist with staff orientation and development;

Perform related duties as required.


Completion of a Medical Assistant course accredited by the American Association of Medical Assistants or the committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation (CAHEA) and one year of direct patient care experience.

Equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 11-19-81
Revise Class/Title: 9-25-92
Revised class code: (formerly 6158) effective July 1, 2007
New to SEIU: June 22, 2011