Master Research Vessel


18531 (WFSE Campuswide)


Serve as the master of a research vessel, 100 gross tons or less.


Under the general direction of the Marine Superintendent, have responsibility for the safe navigation, proper operation, readiness and security of a research vessel of 100 gross tons or less. During scientific cruises, is responsible to the Senior Scientist on board for operating the ship in full support of the scientific objectives of the cruise.


Act as Master of a seagoing research vessel up to 100 gross tons, within the authority of the license;

Assist in logistic planning for cruises; submit requests for supplies; direct loading and stowage; enter and clear vessel through customs and immigration;

Operate the vessel to which appointed within University rules, regulations and directives; ensure compliance with Coast Guard rules and regulations and maritime laws governing ships and mariner;

Responsible for safe navigation and security of the vessel and safety of personnel embarked;

Utilize electronic, dead reckoning and pilotage techniques of navigation;

Responsible under the senior scientist’s direction, for following navigational tracks and occupying positions as required for scientific purposes;

Observe safety precautions and seagoing procedures, instructing embarked scientific personnel of necessary safety precautions and procedures;

Maintain and monitor use of all medical supplies aboard ship; and be responsible for ship’s sanitation, hygiene and handling of medical emergencies;

Direct and perform routine maintenance and upkeep of ship’s machinery and equipment; make minor repairs at sea; prepare work requests for other than minor repairs;

Stand regular watches at sea as well as security watches in port;

Maintain custody of the petty cash fund on extended cruises; is responsible for proper expenditures;

Responsible for proper and adequate hotel services for embarked scientists;

Perform related duties as required.


High school graduation or equivalent AND U.S. Coast Guard license as operator of a small passenger vessel of tonnage equal to that of the vessel to which assigned AND six years experience as a vessel operator or as a licensed officer


equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 1-3-73
Revise Class: 6-27-88
Revise Class: 2-15-91
CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05