Graduation & Academic Records Spec Lead


17484 (SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


Direct employees and advise students, University staff and the public on policies and procedures regarding graduation, grades, and the academic record. Evaluate students’ academic records to ensure published degree requirements are met for baccalaureate graduation and make independent decisions to grant baccalaureate degrees based on this evaluation. Maintain and update undergraduate, graduate and professional students’ academic records


Regularly assigns, instructs and checks the work of others. Evaluates student’s academic credentials. Maintains academic records. Makes decisions regarding exceptions to graduation or grading policies. Grants or denies baccalaureate degree.


Directs training of new specialists and clerical staff.

Assigns work to staff.

Evaluates quarterly honors reports.

Monitors low scholarship and cancellation reports.

Prepares reports for special projects.

Advises students, departmental advisers, other institutions and the public regarding graduation requirements, commencement procedures, graduating senior priority registration and policies and procedures pertaining to the academic record including information on academic credit, grading, and scholarship status; interpret and apply policies to individual graduation applicants (i.e., honors, low scholarship, repeated courses, incomplete grading policies).

Acts as a liaison between academic and administrative University personnel regarding graduation and academic record policies and problems such as curriculum and time schedule issues, faculty grade report problems, and transfer credit procedures.

Evaluates credentials of graduation applicants.

Grants or denies the baccalaureate degree, notifies student of the decision and of the action takes.

Act as University representative for degree verification. Prepare written statements regarding degree status; order, proof, and distribute diplomas for undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Record all grade changes directly onto the student database, adjusting repeat and maximum credit courses and correcting total credits and grade point averages.

Record all graduate and professional degrees and dissertations onto the student database.

Process changes to students’ registration schedule for prior quarters (i.e., course additions, deletions and changes).

Record registration and transcript “holds” to the student record for failure to pay University fees. Release records when a student’s financial obligations have been met.

Record new bankruptcies, dismissals, discharges. This may entail recording or removing any registration and transcript holds and providing background information regarding the bankruptcy on the memo screen.

Provide input to the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) team regarding graduation requirements. Assists DARS team in proofing audits and resolving audit problems.

Monitor eligibility of seniors for graduating senior priority registration (GSP).

Determine whether requirements for an academic minor have been met and post minor to record.

Record special programs onto the database: foreign study, extension, distance learning, and WSU Tri-Cities. Record proficiency exams, yearly WAMI courses, teaching certificates, all faculty actions, honors, writing and Q/SR to courses on the student database.

Conducts yearly training sessions on all aspects of the graduation process for new advisers on campus.

Verifies self-sustaining programs.

Participate in training new evaluators and clerical staff.

Perform related duties as required.


Bachelors degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.

New Class Code: 9-1-97

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05