Dialysis/Pheresis Technician Lead


18354 (SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


Lead assigned staff; prepare, assemble, operate and monitor equipment used for dialysis/pheresis treatments; compound dialysis solutions and concentrates; repair patient catheters.


Regularly assign, instruct, and check the work of others; assist in coordinating the operation of the laboratory. Under general direction, prepare, assemble and preset dialysis equipment, materials and pheresis apparatus at the patient’s bedside to perform various pheresis procedures/treatments; compound, manufacture, label and dispense dialysis solutions and concentrates for use in treatments; repair catheters for patients undergoing dialysis, apheresis, intravenous feeding, or chemotherapy treatments.


Assemble, prepare, prime and preset dialysis equipment and materials at patient bedside;

Manufacture and dispense dialysis solution which includes calculating, measuring pre-weight of dry chemicals, mixing in distilled water and verifying through chemical analysis for accuracy;

Make changes in dialysis solution composition by compounding any additions such as 50% dextrose, potassium, calcium and heparin; adjust dialysis solutions pH or concentrates;

Maintain dialysis equipment in a functional state through prescribed preventative maintenance; calibrate monitoring systems, replace worn materials, and use appropriate methods of disinfection;

Perform bedside apheresis including plasmapheresis, leukapheresis, platelet pheresis, erythrocytes/reduction and immunoabsorption treatment; adjust apparatus parameters based on patient data and conditions for extra-corporeal blood flows, control speeds for blood products collection and safe return of whole blood to the patient; administer coagulant or other additives;

Observe patient tolerance and report changes to physician in charge; make equipment adjustments to avoid adverse patient affect;

Coordinate the work of employees to ensure patient needs are met;

Participate in hiring decisions and assist with performance evaluations;

Provide training to Dialysis/Pheresis Technician Trainees and other medical staff;

Repair external portion of various types of catheters (blood accesses) for patients undergoing dialysis, apheresis, intravenous feeding, or chemotherapy; make adjustments to sizes of catheters not commercially available;

Assemble special surgical trays utilizing aseptic techniques including catheters used for various vascular accesses or peritoneal catheters;

Design, fabricate, operate and maintain specialized apparatus for research purposes;

Transport dialysis solutions and materials to, and conduct treatments at, other institutions;

Prepare reports of departmental activities; maintain records of procedures, revenue and other related statistical data;

Perform billing for affiliated services;

Order equipment and materials; maintain inventory of supplies;

Participate in Quality Assurance Program for the service unit;

May participate as a guest speaker on dialysis technology;

Perform related duties as required.


An Associate’s Degree with emphasis in chemistry, biology, or medical sciences AND three years experience in a medical laboratory to include one year in a dialysis/pheresis laboratory at the level of Dialysis/Pheresis Technician

equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 8-7-92
New to CSA: 5-1-00

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05