Computer Support Analyst 2


17926 (SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


Support and maintain the computer information systems and hardware of an organization/unit by performing a combination of complex computer support functions such as systems development and maintenance, systems/software consulting and user training, operating environment monitoring and enhancing, and hardware support.


Under general supervision, support the computing needs of an organization/unit consisting of local area networks and/or stand alone microcomputers running multiple software applications such as word processing, database and spreadsheet management, desktop publishing, graphics, and custom developed applications.

The following components are evaluated when determining the overall function and level of responsibility of the work performed. Each component does not have to be met when deciding if a position is best described by this class; however, positions generally encompass three or more of the following functional areas:

1. Systems/Application Development and Maintenance

Apply the specific disciplines of the organization/unit and design, develop and write applications and programs using programming languages and/or database management systems involving more than application, menu or report generators; update and maintain software applications; design and develop highly complex spreadsheet applications.

2. Systems/Software Consulting and User Training

Consult with and provide technical support and expertise to users/clients in the use of various types of computing environments and software systems and provide analysis on how to apply them to the specific discipline(s) of the organization/unit. Provide structured training and instruction to departments/users on systems use; write and maintain user AND technical documentation manuals and training materials; participate in planning, testing and evaluating software products for institution standards.

3. Operating Systems Support

Monitor and enhance the operating environment to ensure optimal performance. Apply software patches and write command procedures and programs to eliminate operating errors. Maintain, modify, install, test, and debug system level software such as operating systems, device drivers, memory managers, and communications software.

4. Hardware Support

Participate in testing and evaluating hardware products in planning for institution standards. Diagnose and resolve hardware problems and refer complex problems to hardware maintenance, software support or vendor support. Install and configure hardware and peripheral devices.


Perform systems analysis and program design tasks including computer system specifications development, developing systems and operational procedures, developing data models and writing, testing, and maintaining computer application programs;

Consult with users, analyze their computing needs and develop and maintain database/spreadsheet applications;

Conduct training programs on new or revised software applications; write support documentation and prepare training materials;

Troubleshoot hardware and software problems and initiate corrective procedures; install and maintain software and hardware;

Update and maintain various system software such as operating systems, security software systems, backup systems, directory maintenance, capacity and resource management systems, local software utilities, and printing systems;

May assist and advise management regarding computing facility requirements and make recommendations as requested;

Perform related duties as required.


Three years of experience in programming and/or computer support services of a technical nature

One year of experience as Computer Support Analyst I

equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 1-1-94
New to CSA: 8-1-01

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05