Communications Technician Supervisor


17382 (SEIU Local 925 Supervisory)


Supervise assigned personnel and perform certified, senior-level computer analysis, diagnosis, repair, and maintenance work on major, highly complex, system-wide, high-risk, high-impact, mission-critical FCC registered class A PBX and associated telecommunication systems; plan, coordinate and/or supervise all maintenance activities, installation and testing of major units of a large telecommunication/video/computer system, and/or telecommunication/video/data communication network.


First line supervisor of communications technicians and other assigned staff.

In a medical center environment, supervise or independently perform highly complex, senior-level troubleshooting, maintenance, installation, construction, testing and repair activities such as analyzing an entire system of elements to design, install, diagnose problems on organization-wide, major telecommunication/video/ computer equipment and/or telecommunication/video/data communication network systems. Complete electronic/electrical construction documentation for large projects. Design, program, and repair large database systems. Perform network administration for NT domain. Evaluate and recommend medical center-wide communication systems.


With delegated authority, interview and recommend selection of applicants, train new employees, assign and schedule work, act upon leave requests, conduct annual performance evaluations, and recommend disciplinary action;

Assist in the development of the annual operational budget;

Supervise and inspect for quality the work of telecommunications technical staff, contracted technical staff, and construction project personnel at all locations;

Train others in telecommunications equipment maintenance, installation, construction or documentation activities;

Analyze, diagnose and repair highly complex, multi-service telecommunications/video/ computer system malfunctions or failures on same and/or wide-area telecommunication network systems;

Analyze system printouts, software tools, testing separate equipment and considering separate wiring configurations to isolate, diagnose and correct malfunctions; analyze software and firmware operation of communication systems to troubleshoot circuits; make adjustments, corrections, repair and replace parts to component level;

Plan, coordinate, and perform all maintenance activities on a medical center-wide telecommunication/video/computer system and/or telecommunication/video/data communication network; maintain and modify electrical power conversion and distribution systems; ensure that equipment is at current rev levels; develop and use diagnostic software and/or digital logic devices as needed to locate malfunction(s); coordinate with software technicians and vendor representatives in making necessary changes;

Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs; perform preventive maintenance on a variety of telecommunication hardware components; coordinate efforts with systems programmers and/or vendor representatives;

Review floor plans on remodel and building construction projects to make recommendations for corrections or additions; inspect and approve for release of payment on completed projects;

Design and fabricate specialized interfaces, controls, or data communication equipment when interfacing complex telecommunication systems, file transfers, data gathering and processing apparatus for systems, control apparatus, or telecommunications equipment; design, construct and install communications links between systems such as voice terminals, terminals, work stations, printers and computer ports;

Confer with internal and external experts on design concept, equipment requirements and limitations when fabricating special purpose telecommunication equipment; complete electronic/electrical construction documentation for large projects;

Install, or direct the installation of, major units of telecommunication systems such as primary rate, T1, telecommuter, and network systems; design and fabricate telecommunication network equipment;

Participate in department management by developing long-range plans, policies and procedures and assisting in RFQ/RFP documentation;

Update computer maintenance manuals; ensure that test equipment is calibrated and operating properly; provide information on maintenance schedules, limitations on telecommunication availability or projected down time;

Develop or oversee the development and maintenance of an inventory of spare parts and supplies, ensure that test equipment is available, operational, and calibrated;

Perform the work of a Communications Technician 3;

Perform related duties as required.


Three years of senior-level communications technician experience including one year as a lead or supervisor.


equivalent education/experience.

NEW 09-01-2009