Cage Washer and Logistics Technician Lead


17717 (NE SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)
23054 (NE H NI SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


The Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM), manages numerous multi-species vivaria located on the Seattle campus of the University of Washington. Positions in this classification perform specialized cage washing duties and provide logistical support in DCM-managed vivaria.

The Cage Washer and Logistics Technician does not provide animal care. Positions providing animal care should be in the Animal Technician classification series.


As a working lead, perform and lead others in performing routine tasks involved in transporting animal cages and ancillary items. Order materials and maintain inventory. Operate specialized cage washing equipment or machinery that requires the use of protective garments and equipment, such as tunnel washers, rack washers, drinking water sanitation systems and autoclaves.

Must lead at least one (1.0 FTE) full-time Cage Washer and Logistics Technician or an equivalent combination of part-time Cage Washer and Logistic Technicians.


Lead level in the Cage Washer and Logistics Technician series. Under general direction, regularly assign, instruct, and check the work of others.

Troubleshoot cage wash equipment; participate in developing projections of supply and equipment needs. Act as a backup to supervisor in their absence.


Lead Cage Washer and Logistics Technicians in the performance of their individual tasks, and verify completion of duties by inspection. Maintain effective work-flow of materials;

Troubleshoot machinery function and malfunction and report broken or damaged caging, equipment, and facilities to the supervisor; may report directly to maintenance personnel;

Provide training of Cage Washer and Logistics Technicians;

Participate as required in the development of projections of supplies and equipment needed to effectively operate cage wash facilities and provide centrally-purchased items to individual facilities;

Recommend improvements and/or changes in cage wash and logistics team operations and quality control issues;

Provide backup to Supervisor during absences: perform tasks as assigned by the Supervisor in his or her absence, acting under his or her authority;

Regularly performs the duties and responsibilities of the Cage Washer and Logistics Technician; and

Perform related duties as required.


Physical ability to do required work; ability to read and write.

High school graduation or equivalent AND one year experience as a Cage Washer and Logistics Technician AND a minimum of one year of full time experience operating light trucks, delivery vehicles and related equipment


equivalent education/experience.


New Class: 3-27-2019