WFSE-SEIU 925 Pay Table Parity

WFSE-SEIU Pay Table Parity Pay Increases – MOU Implementation

In coalition bargaining for the 2017-2019 WFSE and SEIU 925 contracts, the unions and the UW agreed that effective October 1, 2017, existing steps on five pay tables would be increased to match the steps on the similar pay table represented by the other union.

This change affects a total of 219 job classes, 192 in WFSE and 27 in SEIU 925. The following table summarizes the increases:

Values on
pay table
Number of
jobs affected
Have been
increased by
To match values
on pay table
BI WFSE 158 Approx. 1% B4 SEIU 925
B0 WFSE 27 Approx. 0% to 2% B7BX SEIU 925
B7BX SEIU 925 27 Approx. 0% to 1% B0 WFSE
BABB WFSE 4 Approx. 2% to 4% BG SEIU 925
BV WFSE 3 Approx. 1% to 3% B8 SEIU 925

Historical Background

Most of the employees receiving pay increases as a result of this change are in WFSE, on WFSE pay tables. This is because several rounds of bargaining ago, WFSE and SEIU 925 negotiated different across-the-board amounts. For that contract SEIU 925 opted for slightly higher across-the-board increases and WFSE, which at the time had a slower leave accrual schedule, agreed to smaller across-the-board increases than SEIU but bargained sweeping changes to their leave accrual schedule so it matched SEIU’s. Because of the difference in across-the-board increases, some WFSE pay tables had steps that were approximately 1% to 2% less than the steps on the comparable SEIU pay tables.

Who Will Receive Increases?

Employees on WFSE tables BI, BABB and BV are receiving pay table parity increases because their tables were behind the comparable SEIU 925 tables. By the same token, employees on SEIU 925 tables B4, BG and B8 are not receiving pay table parity increases, because their pay tables were already ahead. For employees on WFSE table B0 and SEIU table B7BX, some employees in each union will receive increases and some will not, because the pay tables already partially align.

For example, prior to 10/1/17, WFSE pay table BI range 34 step values did not match the step values of SEIU 925 pay table B4, although both pay tables are the main “regular” pay table for these two unions. The WFSE step values in WFSE pay table BI were about 1% lower than the step values on the SEIU 925 pay table B4. Effective 10/1/17, the values of the steps on WFSE pay table BI were increased by approximately 1%. After the change, the steps on these ranges pay exactly the same monthly rate as the equivalent steps on the SEIU table and range.

As stated above, some of the employees in those job classes will see a pay increase and others will not see an increase. Where the value of a pay step went up to make it match the pay step on the equivalent table in the other union, employees on that pay step received an increase. Where the pay range and step value of the WFSE table already matched the pay range and step value of the SEIU table prior to October 1, employees on that pay step did not receive an increase since the pay tables were already aligned at those steps.

Will This Affect Employee Increment Increases Due on October 1?

These changes should not affect October 1 increment increases. In accordance with the WFSE and SEIU 925 collective bargaining agreements, employees scheduled to receive increment increases on October 1, 2017 will receive their increment adjustment first, and then any increase due to pay table parity changes will be applied. Departments are encouraged to check after October 15 to verify that employees due October 1 increment increases have received them. If they have not, contact the ISC for campus or WMS for medical centers.

When Will Employees See These Increases?

Employees with higher pay as a result of this change will see the new pay rates on their October 25, 2017 pay check.

For a full list of classifications that are assigned to one of the pay tables mentioned above that are changing, please download the WFSE and SEIU 925 Jobs on Pay Table Parity Affected Tables