Classified Staff Pay Increases, Market Range Increases, and Premium Pay Changes — 2015 — HR Administrators and Managers

Last updated: July 12, 2016.

July 13, 2015
HR Administrators and Managers
HR Department Staff
UW Compensation Office
ACTION REQUIRED – July 1, 2015 Classified Staff Pay Increases and Premium Pay Changes

This communication provides information about centrally implemented pay increases and premium pay changes to contract classified and classified non-union staff effective July 1, 2015. It also contains information to let you and your staff know about any classified staff pay changes that need to be input manually.

Except as noted below, all classified staff received 3% across-the-board adjustments effective July 1, 2015. This means that each step of each pay range is now worth approximately 3% more. You do not have to input these changes because they have been made centrally.

In addition to the 3% across-the-board increases, employees in any of the 116 jobs on the SEIU 925 and WFSE Job Classes List have received market range adjustments. For example, employees in Computer Support Analyst 1 will be moving one range, from range 48 to range 49, for an approximately 2.5% increase on top of the 3% across-the-board. You do not have to input these changes because, like the across-the-board changes, they have been made centrally.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to ongoing negotiations, there are no across-the-board, market range, or premium pay increases at this time for contract classified jobs represented by SEIU 1199NW or the Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA). This includes Registered Nurses at Hall Health and all contract classified Research Nurses.

There are also currently no pay changes for employees represented by SEIU Local 925 who are in “me too” or “like me too” jobs described in Side Letter E of the contract.


July 14, 2015 is the last day for OPUS entry changes to appear in the time reporting system for the July 24 paycheck.

Following distribution of this communication, information will be sent to departmental payroll coordinators via the UW Payroll Office payroll coordinators list, and it will include the compensation plan documents, the list of jobs receiving market adjustments, and the premium changes document.

The Compensation Plan Documents are:

  • two lists of classified job titles and their pay ranges, etc., one sorted alphabetically by job title and one sorted by job code, and
  • a set of the 28 payscale tables that were updated effective July 1, 2015. (This does not include the pay tables for 1199NW and WSNA which are still in negotiations.)

The Premium Pay Changes document summarizes changes to premium rates resulting from recently negotiated agreements.

Please see the payroll coordinator communications for more details.

In addition to the items provided to payroll coordinators, the Compensation Office is providing two reports which list employees whose salaries are not changed centrally. Manual changes may need to be made at the department level for employees on these lists:

PLEASE NOTE: These reports are sorted by major organization name and appointing department name and include data for all major organizations within the University of Washington. Please extract the data for your specific major organization/unit out of these files and provide it to your payroll coordinators as appropriate.

The OFF Step Report includes employees who were “OFF” step as of June 30, 2015. Adjustments for employees on “OFF” step require coordination with your HR Operations unit to determine the increased monthly rate.

Keep in mind that employees who are OFF step and whose rate is above the new top incremental step are not eligible for the across-the-board adjustment if their salary is frozen (i.e., Y-rated or redlined).

The Fixed-Duration Appointment Report includes employees who are currently in fixed-duration appointment job codes 7777, 8600, 8601, or 8888. Employees in these job codes will receive 3% across-the-board increases — the same as the job they are filling in for — effective July 1, 2015.

Reminder: Adjustments for employees on both the OFF Step Report and the Fixed-Duration Report are NOT automatic and must be entered manually in the OPUS system.

Salary and Market Adjustments to Fixed-Duration Appointments

ADDED July 16, 2015

The pay for employees on Fixed-Duration Appointments in any of the following four job codes should be adjusted:

7777 FDA SEIU — Project
8888 FDA SEIU — Leave of Absence

8600 FDA WFSE — Project
8601 FDA WFSE — Leave of Absence

The adjustment should be reflect the 3% across-the-board increase, as well as any market pay range adjustments that apply.

In addition, please note that the monthly minimum rate for the fixed-duration appointment job codes has been increased to be no less than $2,080 per month (which is equal to $12 per hour). All employees on fixed-duration appointments should be paid at least the new minimum of $2,080 per month.

Temporary Hourly Employees

While there are no across-the-board wage changes for temporary employees, they do need to be paid at least the minimum of the range for their job class.

After the July 24, 2015 payday, HR will notify departments if they have temporary hourly employees whose hourly rate was below the new minimum of the range. Departments will need to adjust the hourly rate for hourly employees whose pay falls below the new range minimum up to at least the new minimum hourly rate, with an effective date of July 1, 2015. Departments should identify and make these changes in time for them to be included in the July 24, 2015 payday.


Questions regarding these items should be directed to the UW Compensation Office by email at