Professional staff

Professional Staff Overview

Professional staff are non-union, non-academic employees working at the University. Learn more about your position, excess compensation, and temporary pay increases.

Position and salary review

When a professional staff position’s duties and responsibilities expand or substantially change, the position may be reviewed to determine whether the position’s salary amount, job profile and/or compensation grade assignment should change.

Position review FAQ

Have questions regarding the University's professional staff compensation review process? This FAQ page addresses several concerns that employees have had in the past. See if your questions have been answered.

Temporary pay increases

All temporary pay increases for professional staff require approval by the ISC or by the Compensation office. In Workday, temporary pay increases for professional staff are known as allowances. Find out how to process temporary pay increase requests.

Excess compensation

If a professional staff employee temporarily takes on additional duties for their regular department, a temporary pay increase may be appropriate. Find out what might qualify for excess compensation and how you can gain approval for it.

Payroll titles and descriptors

Payroll title "descriptors" help identify and propose the payroll title to be assigned during recruitment, or when a professional staff position is reviewed for a change in payroll title. Each payroll title descriptor provides a general description of the work the series typically performs.

2023 Professional Staff Salary Survey

The University of Washington retained Milliman to conduct a cash compensation study for its professional staff positions.