Unit Supply Technician 2


18622 (WFSE HMC)


Receive and dispense stockroom supplies and equipment using a manual or automated inventory system, collect, clean and distribute related equipment, perform quality control-related duties, and support special projects.


Under general supervision, perform routine stockroom duties, quality control activities, and project-related duties to support a department or work unit that is not part of a centralized or organization stockroom function.


Conduct regular inventory counts of supplies and equipment in assigned area(s). Post stock status at supply location.

Perform requisition activity for stock and non-stock by entering requisition information into appropriate system(s).

Issue materials, supplies, and equipment to assigned locations; advise staff on questions regarding inventory in stock. Prioritize requests for supplies and equipment.

Perform stocking and restocking activities.

Complete the receiving process for items delivered by suppliers.

Manage inventory, distribution and cleaning of equipment.

Record equipment activity in system(s) to track inventory assets by capturing activity related to specific equipment identification and location, date, and time.

Collect and clean dirty equipment for immediate redistribution to designated department or work unit.

Support the patient-charging function by utilizing charge stickers and fee sheets or other methodology.

Participate in special projects such as the implementation of new programs, equipment trials, inventory analysis, operational systems improvements and technology updates.

Identify, collect, input and analyze data related to areas such as quality control and performance monitoring.

Regularly review and update records and stock levels based on usage. Communicate changes to par levels to team members. Record activity in system(s).

Check items for expiration dates and product recalls. Update supplies as needed, prior to expiration dates, by anticipating demands based on census.

Maintain compliance with state and institution policies regarding receipt, issuance and inventory of supplies, materials and equipment;

Perform related duties as required.


High school graduation or equivalent OR equivalent education/experience AND three years of experience in supply distribution or related department, including at least one year as a Unit Supply Technician I or equivalent.

New Class: 3-1-07