Speech Pathologist


21393 (NE H SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Professional)
21593 (NE H Temp SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Professional)


Provides professional speech, language, and/or audiology services to individuals with communicative disabilities such as language or articulation disorders, hearing loss or impairments, cerebral palsy, cleft palate, stuttering or voice disorders, neurological speech disorders, or delayer/disordered articulation and language.


In an institution, residential facility, or as a member of an interdisciplinary team, develops habilitation or rehabilitation programs for individuals with speech, language, voice, fluency or hearing disabilities and monitors/evaluates their progress.


Identifies and evaluates hearing, language, and speech abilities using various diagnostic tools;

Develops treatment programs with the cooperation of physicians, speech pathologists, audiologists, psychologists, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, counselors and teachers;

Plans and provides for evaluation and treatment of individuals including: the provision for follow-up auditory threshold evaluations on persons failing the initial test measures and on those who are unable to participate in routine evaluation procedures, behavioral observation audiometry techniques, visual reinforcement audiometry techniques, play audiometry, standard pure tone or speech audiometry techniques, site of lesion testing, impedance audiometry, TROCA (tangible reinforcement operant conditioning audiometry) and other advanced testing techniques such as auditory brainstem response audiometry;

Confers with family, clinical personnel, teachers, and other professional staff in the evaluation, treatment, and progression of client;

Directs and evaluates speech-language or audiology students;

Provides non-medical rehabilitation services to persons when appropriate, including: hearing aid selection, fitting and training procedures, use of auditory training equipment, application of audiometry training, speech reading, sign language training and counseling procedures, and preventative hearing conservation measures;

Uses appropriate treatment methods for receptive and expressive language disabilities, aural habilitation/rehabilitation, articulation and voice disorders, stuttering and development of alternative means of communication (e.g., language board, sign language, etc.);

Uses equipment such a digital audio recorders, software/hardware-based speech analysis systems, visi-pitch, computer-assisted and augmentive communication devices, audiometers and assistive listening devices, and other specialized apparatus for communication needs;

Assists with research and development.

Performs other work as required.


There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.


A Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology or Communicative Disorders or equivalent degree approved by the American Speech/Language and Hearing Association.


A Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech/Language and Hearing Association.

One year of experience as a speech pathologist, audiologist, or equivalent is preferred.


New class: 01-01-2020