Preservation & Museum Specialist 1


17325 (SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


Positions in this series perform a wide range of administrative, research, grants management or conservation duties. They select and acquire fine art objects, artifacts, and/or specimens, catalogue, and conduct research and answer inquiries concerning collections and exhibits; prepare exhibits for display.

Note: The examples of work listed in the class specifications are not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed. The intent of the listed examples is to give a general indication of the levels of difficulty and responsibility common to all positions in the class.


Assists in identification evaluation, protection, cataloging, cleaning, labeling, storing, and maintenance of properties, objects or collections. Positions provide administrative support for professional staff in museums, and historical societies or arts programs. Positions work under close supervision and typically receive training and instruction in grants preparation, organizing workshops, artifact or archival research, cataloging, conducting public tours and inventory. Assignments are structured to encourage the development of professional judgment and learn the full range and scope of preservation or museum functions conducted by the employer.


¨ Assists in the maintenance of museum collections and collection records;

¨ Assists in the preparation of requests for grants;

¨ Assists with public tours or other educational outreach programs;

¨ Reviews work of staff to assure input/output is in conformance with rules, laws and policy which requires substantial knowledge of the museum, gallery or special collection and its programs;

¨ Maintains interpretive facilities, exhibits and exhibit cases, interpretive trails, and audio-visual equipment;

¨ Assists in providing training in proper museum techniques for staff and volunteers; leads volunteers;

¨ Performs other duties as assigned.


Positions require satisfactory completion of two years of college work in history, English, education, fine arts, art history, anthropology, archaeology, or museology and two years experience working with museum collections, exhibits, artifacts, preservation, acquisition or restoration;


experience in historic preservation, or in historic or natural science research or interpretation, may be substituted, year for year, for education.

Revision History:

New class adopted by DOP 5/12/05, effective 1/1/06 and assigned state DOP code 260I; Preservation, Archives, and Museum Specialist 1 replaced general government codes 25660 Arts Program Assistant, 25680 Museum Aide, 25681 Museum Assistant

Activated for use at the UW and assigned UW classified non-union code 6521: 5/16/06

New to SEIU-Local 925: 11/1/06