Power Plant Operating Engineer Lead


18878 (WFSE Skilled Trades)


Operate and direct others in the safe operation of equipment in a complex steam, power, and chilled water generating facility. Monitor power distribution and emergency power systems and make operational decisions to ensure continuous, uninterrupted generation of steam, electrical power, and chilled water to a large campus with a population of approximately 50,000.


Regularly assign, instruct, and check the work of others. Have principle shift responsibility for the operation of a power plant to maintain proper overall operation of a complex steam, power, and chilled water generation facility such as exercising discretion and decision making authority to make adjustments to power plant equipment to maintain safe operations and meet output requirements within established procedures and regulated guidelines; monitor and balance the campus steam distribution system; respond to emergency situations in the operation of the power plant in order to ensure safety of personnel and to protect power plant equipment and maintain continuous operations.


Direct the work of Power Plant Operating Engineers and others;

Monitor and balance the campus steam distribution system;

Operate multiple high-pressure superheated boilers (425 psi or greater) and other lower-pressure boilers (185 psi), up to an individual boiler capacity of 250,000 pounds or more per hour, and all auxiliary equipment;

Operate and monitor electrical power distribution systems for the campus: visually monitor power distribution, isolate disruptions, and use manual and computerized controls to adjust and reconfigure power distribution;

Operate one or more 5000kW turbine generators, and multiple emergency power generators and auxiliary equipment serving a medical center and other life safety and critical power loads on the campus;

Operate Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) and ensure that other assigned facility equipment is operating within parameters monitored by CEMS;

Maintain and enforce safe operating practices and comply with other local, state, and federal regulatory requirements while on shift;

Provide and document training to assigned personnel regarding operation of equipment and systems within the facility and assess their ability to operate those systems and equipment;

Perform the duties of a Power Plant Operating Engineer II;

Perform related duties as required.


Applicable Steam Engineer License required by local municipality, if any; and six years experience in operation and maintenance of boilers and related systems. Must include two years experience with operation of high-pressure superheated boilers, turbine generators, and/or diesel generators, feedwater systems, oil and natural gas fuel systems, high voltage generation and distribution systems; related safety systems, air emissions monitoring equipment, and related auxiliary systems;


equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 10-11-96
CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05