Power Plant Master Mechanic


18880 (WFSE Skilled Trades)


Positions in this class are distinguished by responsibility to perform advanced maintenance, modification and repair of mechanical systems and machinery components in the University of Washington Power Plant. The work requires a complete understanding of rotating machinery to include advanced knowledge of large centrifugal pumps, vibration analysis, predictive and preventive maintenance and advanced alignment capabilities, as well as advanced understanding of turbo-machinery and turbine lube oil systems.

This class requires journey level ability in machinery repair, pipefitting, steamfitting, welding, rigging, carpentry, machining, plumbing, and a working knowledge of power plant operations and electrical distribution systems. May respond to emergency calls.


Perform advanced maintenance and repairs on:

Power generation and auxiliary steam turbines
Boiler forced draft and induced draft fans
Large capacity multistage centrifugal pumps
Perform critical shaft alignment checks on the turbine generator and multi-component rotating machinery drive trains;

Perform the work of a Power Plant Mechanic;

Modify power plant machines and equipment to improve operation;

Clean or change filters, change oil, grease. Inspect and test mechanical systems. Operate machine shop equipment including engine lathes, drill press, grinders, milling machine, hydraulic press, power saws, arc welding machines, gas and plasma cutting torches to fabricate equipment parts. Operate a variety of hand tools. Drive a service van and forklift as required; load and unload materials and supplies;

Instruct Power Plant Mechanics in the performance of advanced skills such as turbo-machinery alignment, vibration analysis, and high pressure pump repairs;

May perform work in other trade skills, perform related duties as required.


Full journey status as a Master Machinery Mechanic by work experience, vocational or trade school, apprenticeship programs, or any combination of the above; or four years of applied work experience. Vocational training may substitute for work experience on a year-for-year basis.


Five or more years experience as a Power Plant Master Mechanic working on complex and critical systems, and with a complete understanding on how to work safely on steam systems. Trade experience should also include welding, pipefitting, and steamfitting.

Demonstrated understanding and ability in the performance of advanced machinery repair techniques.

New Class: 7-1-07