Physical Therapist 3


18132 (E S SEIU 925 HCP/LT)
22887 (NE H NI SEIU 925 HCP/LT)


This classification series defines physical therapist work performed at University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC), UWMC Clinics, and Hall Health Center. Positions in this job assess patient status, plan, administer and evaluate physical therapy services.


Perform professional physical therapy services. Perform assessments, plan, and administer physical therapy for patients with complex multi-system impairments and disabilities and/or multiple co-morbidities. Instruct and precept physical therapy students or staff.


With minimal direction, independently assess and treat an expanded patient caseload.

A Physical Therapist 3 either functions independently as the only professional Physical Therapist at a facility with no higher level professional therapy supervision, or provides leadership as a subject matter expert in a specialized area such as, but not limited to, vestibular rehabilitation, hand therapy, sports medicine, oncology, cardiology, neurology, and chronic pain.

Physical Therapist 3 is distinguished from Physical Therapist 2 in that the Physical Therapist 3 leads efforts for program development or quality improvement initiatives such as tracking and reporting metrics in line with unit goals, precepts full-time students if applicable, and mentors residents or fellows if applicable.


Assess patient status, plan and implement treatment programs which include the use of physical agents, manual therapy, and/or therapeutic exercise and activities on patients with problems such as burns, multiple disabilities, complex neurological impairments, sports and/or orthopedic injuries, acute multi-trauma, psychiatric or behavioral problems, transplants, oncology, and multi-system failure;

Work as a member of the interdisciplinary team to maximize patient outcomes and maintain fiscal responsibilities within the medical center;

Share caseload and function as the appointed supervising Physical Therapist of record for Physical Therapy Assistants;

Assign work to other staff;

Provide advice to individual therapists in area(s) of clinical expertise;

Lead efforts for program development or quality improvement initiatives;

Assist in directing, improving and coordinating a physical therapy program or programs; perform a role in outreach activities to create awareness of the services offered;

Identify clinical educational and supporting needs of departments and individuals with whom they work to maximize clinical performance;

Attend and participate in medical rounds and professional meetings with medical consultants; lead a group in evidence-based treatment review and present evidence-based in-service trainings;

Direct the maintenance of orderly and safe environment for effective treatment; circulate through treatment areas assisting with patient problems;

Assist in maintaining a progressive treatment program for patients;

Write evaluative reports on patients and therapists;

Ensure billing is completed and submitted. Meet department productivity index;

Mentor new or rotating therapists or residents in developing clinical reasoning skills with complex patients; precept full-time students as the primary Clinical Instructor;

Under direction, consult with employers and providers regarding Labor and Industries standards; provide training in techniques and methods;

Under direction, perform ergonomic analysis, physical capacity assessments, hand evaluations, job analysis and/or job modifications as part of return-to-work process; prepare written reports summarizing findings, and make recommendations to assist return-to-work or for prevention of injury;

Represent the Unit on internal and external professional events and forums;

Perform duties of a Physical Therapist 2;

May direct the work of others; and

Perform related duties as required.


Current Washington State license to practice as a Physical Therapist.

A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized school of physical therapy or completion of a Physical Therapy program AND at least two years of relevant experience as a Physical Therapist.

Equivalent education/experience.


New to SEIU 925: July 19, 2016: Class adopted for UW contract classified staff per PERC decision to add this title to SEIU 925 Healthcare professional/laboratory technical bargaining unit, effective September 23, 2015 (Case #127429-E-15). Incorporates the work of UW classified non-union job code 6131, Physical Therapist 3/Washington State Job Code 306V.

Revise Class, update job code with Workday code: 10-16-18