Physical Therapist 2


18131 (E S SEIU 925 HCP/LT)
22886 (NE H NI SEIU 925 HCP/LT)


This classification series defines physical therapist work performed at University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC), UWMC Clinics, and Hall Health Center. Positions in this job assess patient status, plan, administer and evaluate physical therapy services.


Perform professional physical therapy services. Perform assessments, plan, and administer physical therapy. Determine and evaluate treatment goals and patient progress.


Under general direction, independently assess and treat patient caseload which includes planning, administering, and evaluating physical therapy patients. Participate in program development and quality improvement initiatives May precept part-time students.

Physical Therapist 2 is distinguished from Physical Therapist 1 in that the Physical Therapist 1 requires frequent direction and supervision in order to manage a caseload, while the Physical Therapist 2 independently manages a caseload with intermittent guidance and assistance from higher level staff.


Perform evaluations of patients with moderate and complex diagnoses; review charts, choose appropriate evaluation measures and develop treatment plans independently;

Confer with, and carry out physician’s recommendations regarding patient treatment and progress; discuss and recommend interventions based on own evaluation;

Assess patient status; plan and implement treatment programs which could include the use of physical agents, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and therapeutic activity;

Administer physical therapy to patients through use of physical, chemical, and other properties of heat, light, water, electricity, scientific massage, therapeutic exercise, and therapeutic activity;

Instruct patients or caregivers in exercise and activity which are to be continued after returning home;

Consult with physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, and others regarding physical therapy program;

Write initial evaluations, progress notes, discharge summaries, and home programs;

Instruct other team members in patient-specific therapy techniques;

Ensure billing is completed and submitted. Meet department productivity index;

Orient new and rotating therapists to the general workflow of the floor and sites, as well as the patient population and caseload;

Participate in evidence-based treatment review;

Communicate orally or in writing to advanced practice providers, staff, patients and their families, administrative team and outside entities;

Mentor and oversee medical assistants, student assistants (work study), and volunteers; regularly supervise and collaborate with physical therapy assistants to manage and share less complicated caseload;

Oversee part-time students either as Clinical Instructor (CI) or as adjunct CI;

Participate in program development and quality improvement initiatives;

Perform duties of Physical Therapist 1;

May direct the work of others; and

Performs related duties as required;

May supervise or direct the work of others.


Current Washington State license to practice as a Physical Therapist.

A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized school of physical therapy, or completion of a Physical Therapy program and one year relevant experience.

Equivalent education/experience.


New Class Title: July 19, 2016; Class adopted for UW contract classified staff per PERC decision to add this title to SEIU 925 Healthcare professional/laboratory technical bargaining unit, effective September 23, 2015 (Case #127429-E-15). Incorporates the work of UW classified non-union job code 6130, Physical Therapist 2/Washington State Job Code 306U.

Revise Class, update job code with Workday code: 10-16-18