Patient Services Coordinator


18690 (WFSE HMC)


Solely coordinate the daily patient flow in patient care areas and provide support services such as triaging patient telephone calls to medical staff, scheduling appointments, registering patients, maintaining patient records and assembling patient charts, and initiating and processing patient charge documents.


Under general direction, independently coordinate all operational support functions in a patient care area such as overseeing the environmental conditions of the office and patient waiting areas, coordinating non-medical equipment repairs, inventorying and ordering supplies, assisting in the orientation of new residents and staff to clerical procedures, and participating in the preparation and maintenance of policies and procedures.


Oversee environmental conditions of office and patient waiting area including lighting, seating, literature and safety factors; arrange corrective measures;

Prepare requests for minor repairs of non-medical equipment; monitor progress of approved work orders;

Inventory and order supplies;

Register patients; collect and/or update demographic and financial information; evaluate patient financial status to determine eligibility for care; assign appropriate payer plans; obtain insurance claim forms and agency authorizations; verify eligibility and benefits for third-party payers for planned and emergency admissions;

Respond to patient questions; provide directions to specified areas such as various labs, parking and eating facilities; assist patient in accessing hospital and community services by consulting and making referrals to appropriate resources; assist patients and families with telephone calls; maintain confidentiality of patient information;

Make telephone assessment of patient problem and severity of condition; schedule new, return, ancillary and procedure appointments consistent with patient needs and scheduling guidelines; ensure or obtain authorization; complete required documentation;enter appointment information in on-line appointment system; maintain system by entering cancelled and rescheduled appointments;

Assist in orienting new attendings, residents, students and staff to the clerical operating procedures;

Triage patient telephone calls to medical staff; obtain necessary information for the return call; initiate emergency procedure when necessary;

Communicate various types of information to patients, referral agencies, departments, physicians and the community such as financial arrangements for special programs and experimental protocols, hospital charge estimates, insurance coverage and billing procedures;

Initiate and maintain the organization of the patient chart; coordinate patient records, referrals, special forms, and charge documents to facilitate patient check-in and check-out;

Process and reconcile patient charge documents, ensuring accuracy; investigate and correct rejected charges;

Coordinate obtaining interpreters for patients;

Arrange for patient transportation to outside facilities; coordinate patient transportation within facility;

Transcribe, verify and follow-up written physician orders; process patient care orders such as completed requisition for exams or equipment;

Perform general clerical duties such as answering and screening telephone calls, processing mail, assembling and sending information to patients;

Participate in preparation and maintenance of policies and procedures for area of responsibility;

Secure and release patient valuables and belongings;

May coordinate death procedures, including disposition; complete appropriate documentation;

Perform the work of a Patient Services Representative;

Perform related duties as required.


High school graduation or equivalent AND three years of general office experience or twoyears of office or customer service experience in a healthcare setting OR

equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 2-15-91
Revise Class/Title: 1-19-2001

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05