Parking Specialist


17648 (NE S SEIU 925 Non Supv)
22388 (NE H NI SEIU 925 Non Supv)


Collect parking fees, direct campus vehicular traffic, and patrol and enforce parking regulations in campus parking areas.


Under general supervision, direct the flow of traffic to campus parking areas, receive payment for parking fees and patrol and enforce codes and ordinances. Exercise independent judgment when issuing citations or warnings for parking infractions. Assist the public by providing information concerning parking regulations, locations and directions.

This classification is limited to use within the Seattle campus Facilities Services organization.


Visually check entering vehicles for valid parking permit;

Issue daily campus parking permits; collect and receive daily parking fees; reconcile cash with cash register;

Direct the flow of campus traffic to appropriate areas;

Direct visitors to parking areas and offices; provide general campus information upon request;

Patrol assigned campus parking areas; observe parking and traffic patterns; issue citations for parking violations;

Operate hand held computers to generate citations; prepare written warnings;

Identify and report inadequate traffic and parking signage;

Report traffic and parking conditions and incidents requiring police investigation;

Appear in court to testify on parking citations;

Direct traffic for scheduled activities and in the event of a traffic accident, campus construction, or other traffic disruptions;

May assist with installation and maintenance of traffic and parking signs and minor maintenance of parking facilities;

Perform other duties as required.


  • One year public contact work in a customer service environment;
  • Possession of a valid Washington State motor vehicle driver’s license; and

Examination Requirements:

The examination (including written, E & T and oral components) will consist of a scored evaluation of the ability to perform accurate arithmetic computations involving money and to follow instructions, ability to drive safely, and personal qualifications related to the ability to collect parking fees and direct campus traffic.


  • New Class Negotiated with SEIU-Local 925 combining 7646, Traffic Guide and 7658, Parking Enforcement Officer: 1-1-10
  • Revise MQs: 09-08-2023