Medical Interpreter – American Sign Language (ASL)


18096 (SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


Provide spoken language, American Sign Language (ASL), and tactile interpretation for patients, medical providers, and staff in order to assist the deaf and hard of hearing patients to obtain access to medical care.


This is a single class (no series) in the Medical Interpreter job family. This class differs from the Medical Interpreter I and II classifications in that positions in this ASL class, under general supervision, perform American Sign Language and tactile interpretation in addition to written, spoken, and sight translation.

Knowledge of medical terminology is required.

This classification may be used only at the Medical Centers.


Provide spoken language, ASL, and tactile interpretation to patients, medical providers, and staff in person or via video-phone in complex medical settings (e.g., highly technical diagnostic and treatment modalities);

Consult with medical providers prior to, during, or after interpretation encounters to improve communication with deaf or hard of hearing patients;

Assess the patients’ interpretation needs for the Interpreter Coordinators and maintain the department’s interpreter database on deaf patient communication needs and contact methods;

Assist patients to stay in care and access services successfully;

Explain and clarify cultural differences between culture of biomedicine and culture of Deaf community to both the patient and his/her care team;

Assist patients in completing medical, financial, or other forms;

Develop written and videotaped patient education materials and tools for deaf and hard of hearing patients;

Participate in the orientation and training of medical center staff regarding the services provided by the Interpretation Services Department, and the cultural beliefs and practices of the deaf community;

Assist the Manager in identifying barriers to care that patients are experiencing in navigating the system, so that these barriers can be addressed organizationally;

Precept new interpreter staff;

Perform related duties as required.


A. Certification from any one of the following is required within one year of employment:

· Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID):

Certificate of Interpretation (CI) or Certificate of Transliteration (CT), or equivalent grandfathered levels;

· National Association of the Deaf (NAD): Level IV or V;

· National Interpreter Certification (NIC): Advanced or Master level.


B. One year of ASL interpreting experience in a specialty/hospital medical setting;

Two years of ASL interpreting experience in other types of medical setting.


Equivalent education/experience except when there are legal requirements.

Class History

Adopted: 07-01-10