Mail Services Supervisor


17833 (NE S SEIU 925 Supervisory)
22442 (NE H NI SEIU 925 Supervisory)


Supervise mail room personnel and mail carriers.


Positions in this class are first-level supervisors under a mail services manager or equivalent with responsibility for a mail processing unit. Incumbents are expected to have knowledge of United States Post Office Regulations, Chapter I and Publication 42 and International Postal Union Mail Regulations.


Assign specific mail handling projects to mail clerks, mail carriers, and/or mail raters;

Train and indoctrinate new employees; make work assignments; recommend personnel action including disciplinary measures;

Supervise various special mailing processes such as special rates, mail registration, application of United States postal standards, campus address systems, mail center inventory, etc.;

Maintain volume records of mail handled, route miles driven, mail distribution frequencies, and production rates;

Develop and improve distribution methods involving route layouts and mail processing procedures;

Perform related duties as required.


High school graduation or GED certificate AND two years’ mail handling experience including one year equivalent to mail carrier lead.

Additional postal experience may be substituted, year-for-year, for educational requirements.

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except when there are legal requirements, such as a license/certification/registration.

Examination Requirements:

The examination (including written, E & T and oral components) will consist of a scored evaluation of the applicant’s mail handling experience including work as a mail carrier lead or equivalent; knowledge of mail room procedures and mail processing procedures; ability to supervise mail room personnel and mail carriers and personal qualifications related to the ability to perform the duties of a Mail Service Supervisor. The examination may be given and scored by an examining panel.


New Class: 1-3-73

Revise MQ: 7-2-90

CSR Class Conversion: 01-01-06. Through Civil Service Reform job title changed from Mail Services Supervisor to Mail Processing Manager which consolidated higher education job class 5783 Mail Services Supervisor and general government job class 11640 Mail Manager.

New to SEIU, title change: 5-1-07, title restored to Mail Services Supervisor and new UW bargaining unit job code assigned.