Library Technician II


18755 (NE S WFSE Libraries)
20953 (NE H WFSE Libraries)


Perform routine library technical tasks in support of the overall library function.


Under general supervision, perform routine library technical tasks such as assist clients with recurring quick information and routine reference questions on general subjects and in the use of basic bibliographic tools, prepare bibliographic listings of assigned subject matter, verify bibliographic information process and maintain records, and maintain operations of a public service desk.


Assist clients with recurring quick information and routine reference questions on general subjects, and in the use of basic bibliographic tools; make appropriate referrals for other services;

Prepare bibliographic listings of assigned subject matter, using standard bibliographies, indexes, catalog systems, and abstract services; verify bibliographic information;

Process and maintain records such as acquisition, cataloging, serials, circulation, and reserve records;

Update catalog records such as add holdings and change locations; check for name and subject authorities and report conflicting entries; perform data entry into library systems;

Assist clients at public service desk(s); explain library procedures, rules, and service policy;

Process library materials which includes verifying bibliographic entry, checking in, and processing replacement orders, discards and withdrawals;

Process added copies/volumes; prepare cataloged, uncataloged, and reserve materials for circulation; search, distribute, and maintain records of uncataloged and reserve materials;

Search for availability of library materials; search for materials reported missing;

Perform interlibrary loan borrowing and lending procedures; perform basic searching for bibliographic and location information;

Process requests for acquisitions; type or input orders; verify accuracy of materials received; maintain records and inventories of items received from publishers, vendors, and donors;

Input catalog records into local, regional, national or international databases; perform routine checking of computer coding on records using specific knowledge of appropriate machine readable coding;

Record and maintain statistics; compile routine reports such as circulation, interlibrary loan, and reference statistics;

Maintain periodical and other serial subscriptions; initiate renewals as subscriptions expire; process claims;

Maintain ongoing operations of public service desks including opening and closing procedures;

Assist clients and other library units with locating, retrieving, and checking out specific library materials;

Process gifts and materials received on exchange from other libraries;

Assist clients with the library’s media, computer, and other equipment;

Perform routine tasks such as typing, filing, answering phones, scan and print materials, and sorting and distributing mail;

Maintain office equipment such as adding paper and toner, releasing paper jams;

Identify items in need of repair or other concerns requiring the attention of preservation staff and send for preservation treatment or stabilization. .

May perform basic preservation of materials under the direction of preservation staff.

Process requests for preservation; type or input orders; verify accuracy of completed work; maintain records.

May compose and prepare correspondence pertaining to library functions;

May prepare orders for supplies and equipment;

May direct the work of others;

Perform the duties of Library Technician I;

Perform related duties as required.


High school graduation or equivalent AND one year of library technical experience or closely related activity, or satisfactory completion of relevant course work


Equivalent education/experience.

New Class: 1-3-73

Revise Class: 5-17-73

Revise Class: 7-1-81

Revise MQ: 7-2-90

Revise Class: 8-7-92

CSR Class Conversion (du): 06-01-05