Library and Archives Paraprofessional 1 – Botanic Gardens


18761 (WFSE Libraries)


Serve as a library and archives technician for the Elisabeth C. Miller Library in the Center for Urban Horticulture, an independent unit of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens (“the Library”).


Perform full range of complex library tasks in support of the overall function of the Library.


Under general supervision, use manual and/or automated systems, perform complex library technical tasks such as assist clients with reference and bibliographic questions, perform complex circulation and collection maintenance functions, search and verify library material orders and receipts, locate and revise catalog copy, input/update complex library records, and maintain the operations of the library.


Search and verify library material orders and receipts using manual and/or automated systems, catalogs, and other bibliographic sources specific to horticulture;

Evaluate library materials that have been selected for repair, identify and assess repair options, advise library staff regarding treatment choices and routing procedures;

Construct bindings in various styles and materials, including pamphlet bindings, case bindings, and post bindings; make pockets for loose parts such as maps, charts, etc;

Arrange, index, and inventory special materials such as manuscripts, newspapers, clippings, slides, and photographs for bibliographic control;

Assist library patrons with general reference and bibliographic questions using basic tools; refers patrons to appropriate resources as necessary;

Prepare and/or interpret bibliographic listings using bibliographies, indexes, catalog systems, and abstract services; verify complex bibliographic information using print, non-print, or automated sources;

Conduct library orientations and produce displays for the Library;

Perform complex circulation functions; make authorized decisions regarding exceptional circumstances such as waiver of fines, exceptions to normal policy, waiver of limitations, and interpretation of policies; prepare library evidence for appeals of library fines;

Order replacement materials; discard and withdraw items identified by professional staff as not needed for collection; reinstate and relocate materials;

May train and provide directions to lower level staff including newer library staff, clerical staff, temporary or resident clerical staff, volunteers, or interns.


High school graduation or equivalent and three years’ experience in the functional operations of a library including one year beyond the entry level,


Equivalent education/experience.


  • New Title: Class adopted for UW contract classified staff per PERC Decision #26561-E-14-3881, adding to the WFSE Libraries bargaining unit Library and Archives Paraprofessional 1 work in UW classified non-union job code 4326 (state job code 262I) in the University of Washington Botanic Gardens:
  • Revise class. General revision; adopted May 10, 2007 effective July 10, 2007.