Instrument Tech


21347 (NE H SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Service and Maintenance)
21547 (NE H NI SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Service and Maintenance)


Decontaminate, process, sterilize, and assemble complex arrangements of specialized and intricate surgical instruments, equipment and supplies for surgical procedures. Monitor surgical schedules to prioritize instruments, equipment and supplies. Contain and dispose of large volumes of biohazardous waste. Test and operate complex sterilizing and disinfecting equipment.


Under general direction, use specialized knowledge of surgical instruments and operating room procedures to identify, disassemble, decontaminate, assemble, test, adjust, and inventory complex and intricate surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies. Assemble complex arrangements of surgical instruments, equipment and supplies and ensure that surgical instrument sets are complete and operational. Working in a sterile environment, monitor and provide technical support to operating room staff during surgical procedures regarding the assembly and operation of surgical instruments and equipment. Perform minor adjustments and repairs to instruments and equipment during surgical procedures.


Prioritize the need for instruments, equipment and supplies based on the scheduled surgical cases, surgeries in process and surgical cases added during the work schedule;

Identify and sort contaminated instruments and equipment to protect delicate instruments and to clean items completely;

Disassemble and reassemble items with multiple parts;

Recognize dissembled parts of intricate instruments and equipment and reassemble and/or return to the appropriate trays;

Determine and use the appropriate decontamination procedure;

Disassemble and decontaminate equipment and instruments using approved disinfectants, detergents, soaps, cleaners and processing methods;

Collect and dispose of large volumes of biohazardous waste materials from surgical procedures;

Load sterilization carts and process products, including surgical instrument sets;

Inspect, test, reassemble, test for proper functioning, package, label and date instrumentation and equipment;

Problem-solve sterilizer malfunctions;

Determine the disposition of surgical instruments and equipment by recognizing whether it is part of regular inventory or an outside source;

Serve as a liaison between the surgical services staff, outside sources, and processing room staff to communicate status of requests for instruments and equipment;

Provide technical support and assistance to operating room staff within a sterile environment regarding the assembly and operation of surgical instruments, equipment and supplies;

Verify correct sterilization cycles by checking and signing graphs and printouts;

Perform, analyze, and document sterilizer function tests using vacuum, chemical, and biological indictors; take appropriate action for abnormal results;

Respond to emergency requests and provide instrumentation and equipment based on knowledge of procedure intended and problem solve to provide adequate substitutions, if needed;

May direct the work of others;

Perform related duties as required.


High school graduation or equivalent AND two years of experience processing complex trays of surgical instruments and equipment


equivalent education/experience.


  • New Class: 7-14-2000
  • CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05
  • SEIU 1199NW UWMC-NW job profiles added effective 1/1/2020