Hospital Central Services Technician 1


18572 (WFSE Campuswide)
18683 (WFSE HMC)


Receive, decontaminate, assemble, sterilize and store instruments, operation room basin sets, utensils, equipment and supplies according to prescribed procedures and techniques in a hospital central services unit and materials management stockroom. Perform inventory control functions through both manual and computerized programs for patient billing purposes. Test and operate complex sterilizing equipment. Prepare chemical disinfectant solutions.


Under general supervision, receive, decontaminate, assemble, sterilize and package equipment and supplies. Troubleshoot sterilizing equipment failures.


Verify correct sterilization cycles by checking and signing graphs and printouts;

Load autoclave carts and process products, including surgical instrument sets and respiratory equipment, through terminal sterilization using either steam or toxic gas as appropriate;

Perform, analyze, and document sterilizer function tests using vacuum, chemical, and biological indicators; take appropriate action for abnormal results;

Perform basic calculations related to verifying sterilizer functions and inventory control:

Inspect, test, assemble, package, label and date instruments, basins and procedure trays; label and sterilize linen packs and selected disposables; tag for repair;

Inventory and assemble special emergency kits such as Code 199 and disaster carts;

Inventory shelf level of processed items; rotate trays and products to accommodate inventory movement before shelf-life expiration dates; remove outdated trays and products from shelves;

Assemble and set up equipment such as I.V. pumps, vacuum regulators (wall suction), chest pumps, hyper/hypothermia units; test and make minor repairs and adjustments to equipment;

Prepare disinfectant solutions from toxic substances and chemicals; disinfect patient care equipment such as isolettes, infusion pumps, blood pressure cuffs and pacemakers;

Sort, soak, and hand-clean basins and instruments; disassemble as needed; load into baskets and process through automatic washer/sterilizers;

Restock supply lockers;

Enter inventory data using a computer terminal or manual method;

Store sterile and/or clean products;

Transport soiled instruments, basins, and equipment from all patient care areas to the Central Service decontamination area;

Operate semi-automatic cart washer to clean case carts, utility carts, patient chairs, etc.;

Perform related duties as required.


One year of experience as a Hospital Central Services Technician Trainee or equivalent


equivalent education/experience.

New Class (6045): 1-3-73
Revise Title (6045): 12-14-73
Revise Class/Title (6045): 4-15-91
Revise Class/Title (6045): 7-14-2000
Correction to Min Quals: 11-12-09

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05