Flight Nurse


18908 (1199 NW/Airlift Registered Nurses)


Provide professional nursing care in an air transport environment.


Use professional nursing principles, treatment techniques and established industry and organizational procedures to provide comprehensive and advanced life support care in a transport environment such as ground ambulance and fixed or rotor wing aircraft.


Under general direction, provide and coordinate in-flight nursing care, primarily from initial patient contact through the acceptance of the patient at a receiving medical facility. Ensure patient safety throughout the transportation process; evaluate, create and implement patient care plans; maintaining medical records; and assist with transfer planning.


Stabilize and manage patients involved in air transport in accordance with written standards of care; responsible for delivery of total patient care by continually monitoring patient status independently, or in coordination with another Flight Nurse, and intervening as necessary; this includes field emergency stabilization, ICU inter-hospital intervention, as well as management of specific aeromedical problems in flight;

Maintain written records of patient condition and care provided according to established standards and guidelines; compile necessary documents/data to be transported with patient;

Complete flight records, computer charting, airway documentation tracking or other data gathering tools as required;

Provide additional patient care as required on arrival to the receiving hospital; ensure that all records and reports are transferred to receiving personnel;

Select and prepare special equipment for transport according to patient needs and aircraft used; responsible for checking bags, equipment and aircraft prior to departure; prepare aircraft environment for anticipated patient needs on the outbound trip: including but not limited to oxygen therapy, equipment for airway management, IV fluids, and specific medications;


Know and keep up with any changes to applicable sections of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations;

Actively and positively participate in shift briefings, cabin checklists, and debriefing procedures;

Exercise responsibility for restocking flight bags and aircraft; clean and maintain equipment to ensure it is ready and available for further flights; report any problems with equipment and/or patient management immediately to the Airlift Administrator on call;


Participate in the training and onboarding of new employees and/or other personnel, as appropriate;


May participate in public education programs and public relations functions.



Five (5) years professional critical care nursing experience, or equivalent, and relevant state license to practice as a registered nurse; and national nursing certification and flight nursing certification within 24 months of employment.


New Class: 1-3-73 Revise Class/Title: 10-22-90 Revise Minimum Qualifications: 5-9-01 CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05 Revise Class/Title 3-22-17