Dental Assistant – Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA)


18475 (SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


Perform Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) duties in a dental or hospital setting.


Under general supervision, perform EFDA duties, including:

· Taking preliminary and final impressions and bite registrations;

· Placing temporary fillings after examination and diagnosis by the dentist;

· Fabricating, placing and removing temporary crowns or temporary bridges;

· Removing and replacing arch wires and orthodontic wires;

· Taking facebow transfers for mounting study casts;

· Placing and carving direct restorations; and

· Applying sealants.

This classification is distinguished from the other classifications in the series in that employees assigned to it must hold an EFDA license and perform EFDA duties a majority of the time. This classification is not attained based on years of experience as a dental assistant.


Perform expanded function dental auxiliary duties, including taking preliminary and final impressions, placing temporary fillings, fabricating temporary crowns or temporary bridges, and applying sealants.

Use computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacture applications in support of expanded function dental auxiliary duties.

Assist in the treatment of patients with disabilities and/or patients admitted through the emergency room; visit patients in the hospital to record and make entries in the chart regarding these contacts; take and record vital signs when patients are sedated;

Order and maintain inventory of supplies, collect payments and issue receipts; record research data;

May coordinate support activities in a dental clinic, such as arranging and scheduling patient appointments, assigning patients to students, maintaining patient records;

May instruct students in expanded function dental auxiliary duties, proper role of EFDA dental assistants in the delivery of patient care, and related functions and activities of a dental setting;

May lead the work of Dental Assistants 1 and 2 and other support staff;

May perform all duties of a Dental Assistant 2;

Perform other duties as assigned.


Completion of an accredited training program for expanded function dental auxiliaries AND two years of experience as a dental assistant,


equivalent experience.

Legal Requirement

Registration with the State of Washington as a Dental Assistant; current certification as a dental assistant (CDA) and Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) Licensure.


New class: Created to recognize new body of work permitted under RCW 18.260 and WAC 246-817-195 which created the licensure process for Expanded Dental Function Auxiliary. Negotiated with SEIU-Local 925; approved 11-09-09, effective 12-01-09.