Dental Assistant 2


18471 (SEIU Local 925 Nonsupervisory)


Perform expanded dental assistant duties in a dental or hospital setting.


Under general supervision, perform expanded dental assistant duties, such as taking impressions for study models, mechanical polishing to amalgam restorations, placing matrix and wedge, and fabricating, placing and removing temporary fillings; instruct students in expanded dental assistant duties, proper utilization of a dental assistant, instrument exchanges and related functions and activities of a dental setting; may coordinate support activities, such as patient assignments, scheduling and record maintenance in a dental clinic.


Perform expanded dental assistant duties, including: take impressions for study models and opposing models for bridge work; mechanical polishing to amalgam restorations, clinical crowns and supragingival areas; place matrix and wedge; remove excess cement, fabricate, place and remove temporary fillings; expose and process dental x-ray film; give fluoride treatments; teach oral hygiene; remove dry socket dressing and periodontal pak, remove sutures; pack and medicate extraction areas; deliver a sedative drug capsule to patient; assist in the administration of nitrous-oxide analgesia; placement of retraction cord; select denture shade and mold; acid etch and apply sealants; apply rubber band separations for orthodontic treatment; place cotton rolls and holders; other duties as provided in the dental laws of the State of Washington;

Assist in the treatment of patients with disabilities and/or patients admitted through the emergency room; visit patients in the hospital to record and make entries in the chart regarding these contracts; take and record vital signs when patients are sedated;

Instruct students in the appropriate role of dental assistants in the delivery of patient care; assist in various four-handed techniques, such as anesthetic administration, instrument grasps and transfer and gold foil malleting;

Orient new staff and students regarding clinic procedures and policies;

May coordinate support activities in a dental clinic, such as arranging and scheduling patient appointments, assigning patients to students, maintaining patient records;

Order and maintain inventory of supplies, collect payments and issue receipts; record research data;

Take and record vital signs and review health history with patients;

May provide information to departments regarding clinic services;

May lead the work of Dental Assistants I and other support staff;

May perform all duties of a Dental Assistant I;

Perform related duties as required.


Completion of an accredited training program for dental assistants; AND current certification as a dental assistant (CDA) OR the ability to obtain same within six months; PLUS two years of experience as a dental assistant. One year of additional dental assistant experience may substitute for required education.

Legal Requirement

Registration with the State of Washington as a Dental Assistant


New Class: 3-7-73
Revise Class: 1-15-81
New to CSA: 5-1-00

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05

Revise Class: Updated Minimum Qualifications to reflect legal requirements under WAC 246-817-190 and updated language regarding patients with disabilities. Classification revisions negotiated with SEIU 925; approved 11-09-09, effective 12-01-09.