Contact Center Supervisor


18103 (E S SEIU 925 Contact Center Supervisory)
18104 (NE S SEIU 925 Contact Center Supervisory)
22511 (NE H NI SEIU 925 Contact Center Supervisory)


Coordinate and provide patient support services such as patient registration, scheduling appointments, referral scheduling and coordination, and insurance verification at the UW Medicine Contact Center.


With delegated authority, interview, recommend selection of applicants, conduct training, assign and schedule work, act upon leave requests, conduct performance evaluations and recommend disciplinary actions.

Under general direction, supervise staff and/or direct, coordinate and provide patient support services. Positions have primary responsibility for patient support functions such as coordinating all patient care services such as patient registration, scheduling appointments, referral scheduling and coordination, and insurance verification.


Supervise staff including interviewing and selecting new staff, reviewing and approving leave requests, conducting performance evaluations, determining and implementing corrective and disciplinary actions;

Ensure staff adheres to contact center processes and workflow. May make edits or updates to existing standard operating procedures, such as updating addresses, phone numbers, or contact information of clinics served by the UW Medicine Contact Center;

Serve as a liaison between customers and clinics to ensure timely, appropriate transfer of information and response to inquiries;

Serve as a point of escalation to identify, research and resolve patient questions and inquiries regarding the patient questions and concerns. Act as a second level technical response to items such as re-setting passwords, log-in issues, appointment confirmation, information in medical record that appears to be incorrect, etc.;

Receive patient complaints; obtain information and data from records and appropriate hospital staff; compose reports for review and resolution, or personally resolve complaints on non-clinical issues and problems;

May register patients; collect and/or update demographic and financial information; evaluate patient financial status to determine eligibility for care; assign appropriate payer plans; obtain insurance claim forms and agency authorizations; explain health insurance plans and billing systems to patients; verify eligibility and benefits for third-party payers for planned and emergency admissions;

May provide appointment scheduling assistance to UW Medicine patients, UW Medicine staff, and other members of the public by telephone, through the patient portal web application, or other electronic communication method, such as electronic mail, short message service (i.e. text messaging), live support software (i.e. live chat), etc.;

May triage patient telephone calls to medical staff; obtain necessary information for the return call; initiate emergency procedure when necessary;

May perform the work of a Contact Center Representative 1, 2, or 3;

Perform related duties as required.


A Bachelor’s Degree in business, healthcare, or a related field


One year experience in a healthcare setting which includes lead responsibility


Equivalent education/experience.


  • New Class: November 25, 2013;
  • Class adopted for UW contract classified staff per PERC decision to add this title to SEIU 925 Contact Center Supervisory bargaining unit, effective November 25, 2013 (Case #25728-E-13-3797). Incorporates the work of UW classified non-union job code 6108, Patient Services Supervisor/Washington State Job Code 284H.
  • Update Bargaining Unit; Update job codes with Workday codes: 8-7-18