Computer Maintenance Technician Supervisor


17393 (E S SEIU 925 Supv)


Diagnose hardware equipment and software malfunctions. Maintain, repair, install, and test computers, peripherals, data communication and computer network systems.

Work solely on various computer, peripheral, network, or data communication equipment or systems.

Exercise knowledge of diagnostic programming analysis, computer architecture, file structures, application software, operating systems, and digital logic diagrams to communicate with clients, programmers, and computer operations personnel.


In the Academic Technology unit on the Seattle campus of the University of Washington, supervise assigned personnel and perform complex computer maintenance work troubleshooting, maintaining and repairing computers, peripherals, and/or development, data communication or computer network systems in classrooms and instructional spaces. Consult on the design, fabrication and installation of specialized interfaces, controls or data communication equipment. Must supervise at least one full-time employee (1.0 FTE) or an equivalent combination of part-time, lower-level Computer Maintenance Technicians or other support staff.

This work differs from the work of a Media Maintenance Supervisor in that it supervises Computer Maintenance Technicians working in the Academic Technology unit, but may also supervise Media Maintenance Technicians.


With delegated authority, interview and recommend selection of applicants, conduct training, assign and schedule work, act upon leave requests, conduct annual performance evaluations and recommend disciplinary actions.

Under general direction, independently assign and review work of Computer Maintenance Technicians who perform complex troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, installation and testing activities, such as designing and fabricating specialized interfaces, communication links; responsibility for consulting and planning for complex installation projects; developing and implementing preventative maintenance programs; researching and advising personnel on the acquisition of new computing equipment.


Supervise the work of Computer Maintenance Technicians and others, to include interviewing and selecting staff, assigning and scheduling work, acting upon leave requests, establishing job performance standards, conducting annual performance evaluations, recommending corrective action, and participating in disciplinary action plans;

Provide technical instruction and guidance to Computer Maintenance Technicians and other personnel on the design and fabrication of specialized interfaces, file transfers, data gathering and processing apparatus for systems, control apparatus, or data communication equipment; design, construct and install communication links between data terminal and data communication equipment such as terminals, work stations, printers, and computer ports;

May perform the work of a Computer Maintenance Technician Lead, including:

Troubleshoot, repair, maintain, assemble, install, configure and test complex pieces of equipment and/or hardware/software interfaces such as assembling and installing port selector/mainframe-computer and peripheral interfaces requiring knowledge of system hardware and operating systems, connecting local area network systems;

Exercise total responsibility for consulting and planning for complex installation or modification projects such as local area networks;

Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs; oversee preventive maintenance for assigned computer maintenance technicians and computer and peripheral equipment, test and adjust to appropriate standards;

Research and advise personnel on acquisition of new computing, communication equipment; provide computer operation staff with information on maintenance schedules, limitations on computer availability, or projected down time;

Use electronic test equipment such as optical power meters and loss sets, OTDR’s, prom/logic programmers, multimeters, logic probes, logic analyzers, function generators, counters, controllers, and bridge capacitance meters to troubleshoot equipment malfunction(s) to system, board, or component level; develop and use computer-aided diagnostics and/or digital logic devices as needed to locate malfunction(s); make simple modifications to diagnostic, configuration or command programs;

Perform mechanical, electro-mechanical, or electronic repair to system, board, or component level; calibrate and/or test for proper operation;

Maintain and/or modify electrical power and conversion and distribution systems;

Confer with manufacturer’s representatives in determining equipment problems;

Complete work orders such as sparing equipment, aligning disk drives, connecting and moving devices, or creating autonomous networks;

Correct definitions on data switches, protocol converters;

Develop (or oversee the development and maintenance of) an inventory of spare parts and supplies; may create and maintain database files for equipment inventory;

Fabricate cables for use in interfacing peripherals with computers, etc.;

Prepare and submit warranty claims, parts and documentation associated with warranty repairs to vendors;

May maintain all appropriate documentation on equipment, systems, etc. in department; and

Perform other duties as required.


One year of experience as a Computer Maintenance Technician 3 or Lead


Six years of experience as a computer maintenance technician OR equivalent education/experience.


New Class: 12-1-19 as negotiated with SEIU 925.