Budget/Fiscal Analyst Lead


17337 (E S SEIU 925 Non Supv)
22903 (NE H NI SEIU 925 Non Supv)


Design, develop, evaluate and interpret financial information systems and budget/fiscal policies and procedures for management and operations staff. Perform complex technical fiscal analysis and financial reporting including planning, interpreting and review of a fiscal operation involving an overlap or combination of disciplines to achieve the strategic goals of the organization.


Under administrative direction, establish procedures and methods for developing and monitoring budgets or fiscal functions, and for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and disseminating budget/fiscal information for the organization. Responsible for a major budget function such as position control or allocation control; or for evaluating financial alternatives and recommending appropriate action; establishing and maintaining comprehensive fiscal record keeping systems; and recommending or implementing changes to fiscal information systems which have department-wide impact.

Positions at this level typically function in support of units with diverse activities such as research, teaching, patient care, and community service programs.


Develop, modify, and maintain multiple record keeping and reporting systems for varied and complex sources of funding; develop procedures for implementation, execution, control and review/audit of fiscal operations;

Participate in the design, development, implementation, maintenance and modification of budgetary procedures such as the planning process and proper allocation of funding and revenue to institution departments; ensure compliance with standards established by the State Office of Financial Management;

May supervise 1.0 FTE and/or lead one or more support staff; participates and /or conducts recruitment, hiring, training, evaluation, and disciplinary action of staff.

Develop budgets for grants, contracts, or other funding requests; prepare appropriate forms for contracts and agreements; develop, recommend, and/or establish charge schedules for cost center and/or self-sustaining accounts; calculate depreciation and amortization of equipment;

Forecast fiscal needs/commitments; analyze proposed legislation and project fiscal impact;

Conduct various statistical analyses and modeling involving fiscal/budget data; develop long-term planning documents in support of strategic goals; integrate and align activities with organizational direction/mission; participate in the planning of new programs by conducting analysis of unit needs and resources and making revenue projections;

Consult with funding agencies to resolve problems and/or obtain approval for deviation from authorized procedures or expenditures; advise and assist organization’s staff regarding budgetary policies and procedures, account status;

Participate in the selection and/or development of financial software packages or programs; assist in identifying areas where adding a computerized financial system would be advantageous for addressing specific unit needs;

Provide guidance to others in the design, development and/or implementation of computer analytical models for projection or analysis of fiscal data, or in area of major budget function;

Prepare cost studies and managerial reports required by internal activities and external sources; conduct special studies to research and/or justify fiscal requests/needs;

Evaluate unit programs through comparison of actual performance with budgeted/planned objectives; research and determine causative factors in expenditure trends; formulate and recommend corrective action;

Analyze, modify and recommend improvements in subsidiary and general fiscal record keeping systems; apply knowledge of accounts and program relationships, data flow, audit trails and internal controls to design and implement financial data systems;

May direct the work of others;

Perform related duties as required.


A Bachelor’s Degree with major study in accounting, business administration, or related field and two years of experience designing, developing, evaluating and interpreting financial information and budget/fiscal policies, or equivalent combination of education/experience.


New Class: 6/5/92
Revise Class/Title: 2/1/01

CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05

Revised MQs: 09-08-2023