Bookkeeping Machine Operator


17075 (NE S SEIU 925 Non Supv)
22236 (NE H NI SEIU 925 Non Supv)


Operate a bookkeeping machine in an accounting business or administrative office.


Positions assigned to this class are distinguished by the primary responsibility to operate a bookkeeping machine. Incumbents must be qualified to carry out all functions and transactions using the capabilities of a bookkeeping machine.


From journal or other source documents, post accounting and fiscal information to account ledger cards;

Post receipts, disbursements, allocations and fund changes from deposit information, receipts, investment notices and returned checks;

prepare payroll checks; process entries in payroll journal; account ledgers, individual employee ledgers and payroll tax ledgers;

Post allotment amendments, cancellations, State payments and liquidation, warrant cancellations, purchase orders, printing requisitions, public works requisitions, encumbrances and allotment summaries;

Complete end-of-month balancing using data from all general ledgers;

Check balances and correct errors or imbalances through machine entries;

Check manual records with ledger cards; make necessary corrections or adjustments if reconciliations are required;

Consolidate material or records for posting on the bookkeeping machine; consolidate accounting information; complete year end reports including starting balances, expenditures, receipts and ending balances;

May accomplish various fiscal and accounting related tasks such as completing journal vouchers, making bank deposits, assisting in periodic audits, checking OPP & FM monthly reconciliation statement; checking computerized data against ledger card balance; check invoices, prepare billing statements and assist in other activities required at the end of an accounting period;

Operate other office machines to include the typewriter, check writer, adding machine, calculator and copying machines;

Perform related work as required.


High school graduation or successful completion of high school GED equivalent examinations, plus one year’s experience in a fiscal office or in clerical work. Completion of a specialized course in bookkeeping machine operation may be substituted for the experience requirement. Additional applicable work experience may be substituted for high school completion on a year-for-year basis.

Examination Requirements:

A job element examination (including written, E & T and oral components) scored on the basis of job related experience, training, skill, ability and other elements which are established through job analysis

New to CSA: 1-3-73
CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05