Biomedical Electronics Technician 3


18730 (NE S WFSE HMC)
21870 (NE H Temp WFSE HMC)


Diagnose malfunctions, maintain, repair, install, test, develop and fabricate patient care, life support, and clinical laboratory equipment and apparatus for use in health care facilities and other patient care related areas. Provide technical support to health care professionals, clinicians, and technologists involved in patient care. Repair malfunctioning patient care life support equipment during emergent situations.

This series is distinguished from the Media Maintenance, Computer Maintenance, and Electronic Technician series by working in a health care facility on patient care, life support, and clinical laboratory equipment and apparatus for use in patient diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and life support.


Perform complex work in designing, troubleshooting, repairing, maintaining, installing, constructing and testing all electronic/mechanical/hydraulic equipment, apparatus, and systems used in a health care facility. Work from schematic diagrams, blueprints, service documentation, federal, state and local electrical and fire safety codes, and from verbal instructions.


Under general direction, independently perform complex work as an expert-level biomedical technician. Work on highly specialized electronic/mechanical/hydraulic patient care, life support, surgical services, imaging, and clinical laboratory equipment requiring special schooling; or constructing computer-interfaced prototypes, microprocessor controlled devices or test instruments.

This class is distinguished from the Biomedical Equipment Technician 2 by the responsibility for functioning as an expert-level technician, managing inventory, and developing maintenance and testing procedures.


Function as an expert-level technician serving as a key resource on complex or unusual issues;

Create planned maintenance, testing, and operating procedures; maintain documentation of all service events, tests, and maintenance performed on clinical equipment; participate in system integration work with IT;

Troubleshoot, repair, maintain and calibrate complex and highly specialized electronic/mechanical/hydraulic patient care, life support, surgical services, imaging, and clinical laboratory equipment, apparatus, or systems such as but not limited to adult and infant volume ventilators, anesthesia machines, diagnostic X-ray equipment, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, computerized tomography scanners, etc.;

Develop inventory lists and orders, recommend addition and deactivation of equipment, execute inventory assessments, stock and store electronic components such as transistors, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, as well as manufacturer specific parts for patient care and/or clinical laboratory equipment such as circuit boards, module assemblies, etc.; maintain a technical reference library and maintain database files for an equipment inventory;

Review outcome of preventive maintenance actions and make recommendations for improvements to processes or procedures;

Provide in-service educational programs on use of equipment;

Construct computer-interfaced prototypes, microprocessor controlled devices, or test instruments related to patient care and clinical laboratory equipment or apparatus; generate block diagram(s), design relevant circuits and circuit board layout(s), write software to drive microprocessor(s), and select components; build using hand and power tools; test, debug, and modify as necessary to ensure proper operation; prepare appropriate documentation such as parts layout(s), schematic(s), and calibration procedure(s);

May direct and assign work to others;

Perform the work of a Biomedical Equipment Technician 2; and

Perform other duties as required.


There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.


An Associate’s Degree in Electronics, Biomedical Equipment Technology or related field, four years of experience in the repair and maintenance of medical equipment in the hospital setting, and computing and networking knowledge or experience


Equivalent education/experience.


01-01-2021: Class adopted for UW contract classified staff per PERC decision to add this title to the WFSE HMC bargaining unit (Case #132956-E-20). Incorporates the work of UW classified non-union job code 17402, Biomedical Electronics Technician 3/Washington State Job Code 511G.