Classified Staff Increases as of July 1, 2018

Last updated: July 25, 2018.

The following negotiated changes have been implemented effective July 1, 2018:

  • 2% across-the-board increases for contract classified employees
  • A two (2) range increase with value-to-value step placement for employees in the following Program series classifications:
    • Program Assistant
    • Program Coordinator
    • Program Support Supervisor 1
    • Program Support Supervisor 2
    • Details of this range increase can be found by searching for “MOU – Program Series Compensation” in the SEIU 925 contract.
  • Please note that although the value-to-value placement of program jobs will create more salary growth room on their pay range, it will not result in an immediate 5% increase. Employees in these jobs will move up the pay range two steps on their next annual increment date, not to exceed the top regular automatic salary step.
  • Consolidation of many classified administrative titles into a new five-level series with value-to-value plus 1 step placement (2.5% increase):
    • Administrative Assistant 1
    • Administrative Assistant 2
    • Administrative Assistant 3
    • Administrative Assistant Lead
    • Administrative Assistant Supervisor
    • Details of this consolidation can be found by searching for “MOU – Administrative Classification Title Consolidation” in the SEIU 925 contract or the WFSE contract.

There is also a 2% across-the-board increase for classified non-union (CNU) employees.

The new Administrative Assistant job classification specifications and updated pay tables are available on the compensation webpage.

UWPD only. As negotiated, Campus Police Officers will receive a 10% across-the-board increase and Campus Police Sergeants and Campus Police Lieutenants in UWPD will receive an 8% across-the-board increase.

When will I be able to see the increase? All impacted classified staff should be able to see the changes reflected in Workday as of July 23, 2018 and will be paid according to their new pay rates on the July 25, 2018 paycheck.

Fixed Duration Appointments. Now that in Workday SEIU 925 and WFSE Fixed Duration Appointments require employees to be placed in a “regular” job code and title instead of a special Fixed Duration Appointment job code, employees on Fixed Duration Appointments receive across-the-board increases just as permanent classified employees do. Employees in Fixed Duration Appointments will also receive the 2% increase effective 7/1/18. Employees in Fixed Duration Appointments who are in “program series” jobs will also be placed in a higher salary range with value-to-value placement, and Fixed Duration Appointment employees in titles affected by the Administrative consolidation will be placed in new job codes with value-to-value-plus-one placement.

Hourly Employees. Since the pay ranges for all classified jobs are going up 2%, hourly employees at or near the bottom of the ranges will fall below the new range minimum. Hourly employees whose hourly rates fall below the new range minimum will be brought up to the minimum centrally by the Integrated Service Center.

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