Registered Nurse – 3


Representative group Job codes
WSNA UW Medical Center 18895 (E S WSNA UW Medical Center – Montlake)
21679 (NE H Temp WSNA UW Medical Center – Montlake)
WSNA UWMC Northwest 21294 (NE H WSNA UW Medical Center – NW)
21494 (NE H Temp WSNA UW Medical Center – NW)
SEIU 1199NW HMC RN 18903 (E S 1199NW HMC-RN)
21034 (NE H Temp 1199NW HMC-RN)
SEIU 1199NW Research/Hall Health 18910 (E S 1199NW-Research RN/Hall Health RN)


Provide professional nursing care; provide leadership for specific program areas and unit functions such as developing education programs, acting as clinical resource for staff, and coordinating daily operations; assist the Nurse Manager to develop, maintain, and evaluate the on-going operations of a clinical area.


Under general supervision, perform specific leadership functions related to clinical practice, education and management such as developing unit goals, orientation programs, and standards of care;

Under general direction, provide patient care and coordination of services through assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation of safe therapeutic care.


Provide a role model for staff by demonstrating and documenting for assigned patients completion of:

  1. Assessment and nursing diagnosis of patients;
  2. Care planning;
  3. Implementation of safe nursing care;
  4. Evaluation of patient responses to nursing care;
  5. Patient teaching;
  6. Patient advocacy;
  7. Discharge and transfer planning;
  8. Admission, discharge and transfer processes;

Coordinate patients’ care with other hospital departments and disciplines;

Promote effective communication among staff and patients to assure optimal patient outcomes;

Assist with the planning and/or implementation of educational programs for staff and patients;

Act as a preceptor for new or experienced employees by assessing learning needs, developing, implementing, and monitoring learning plans and evaluating the learner’s progress;

Participate in development, implementation and maintenance of the quality assurance program;

Participate in establishing, implementing and evaluating unit goals;

Identify patient care, staff, and resource problems and take necessary steps toward problem resolution;

Provide feedback and guidance to staff; observe, review, and evaluate staff performance;

Assist in the development, maintenance and evaluation of systems to support nursing care delivery such as patient care documentation and emergency response procedures;

Provide input into the development and implementation of the budget;

Serve as the unit charge nurse as assigned;

Participate in unit, departmental and hospital committees as requested;

May utilize clinical expertise to provide planned and spontaneous learning activities to patients, families and staff;

May develop staffing schedule for a specific time period;

May participate in the interview process and recommend selection of staff;

Perform related duties as required.


Current license AND two years of professional nursing experience


equivalent education/experience.

Legal Requirement

Current license to practice as a registered nurse in the State of Washington.


  • New Class: 1-3-73
  • Revise Class/Title: 10-22-90
  • CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05
  • Remove retitled Job Code 8909; now titled Flight Nurse, Senior
  • WSNA UWMC-NW job profiles added effective 1/1/2020