Preservation and Museum Specialist 4


17328 (SEIU Local 925 Clerical Nonsupervisory)


Positions in this series perform a wide range of administrative, research, grants management or conservation duties. They select and acquire fine art objects, artifacts, and/or specimens, catalogue, and conduct research and answer inquiries concerning collections and exhibits; prepare exhibits for display.

Note: The examples of work listed in the class specifications are not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed. The intent of the listed examples is to give a general indication of the levels of difficulty and responsibility common to all positions in the class.


Under general direction, serves as the lead curator responsible for activities within a department (such as Collections, Education, Exhibits, or Outreach Services) performing administrative and research responsibilities in respect to collections or exhibits in a gallery, laboratory, herbarium or museum. May supervise lower level staff.


Select, identify, and classify objects for inclusion in collections and exhibits; conduct research regarding collections; investigate new methods and techniques used to prepare and preserve collections; plan and design exhibits;

Recommends artifact acquisitions and de-accessions; monitors storage locations;

Acts as liaison between the agency and the community;

Develops, implements, and monitors collection management and preservation policies and procedures; estimates and orders collection storage materials; develops procedures for packing, unpacking, and shipping of materials;

Manages and coordinates the development, conceptualization, and evaluation of an exhibit story line;

Provides responses to research inquires; conducts research or oversees staff conducting research on specific topics related to specialized discipline;

Confers with researchers, artists, dealers, and collectors regarding content of collections; obtains new collections to improve facility; loan materials for displays at other institutions and museums; provide assistance to individuals who visit facilities; arrange for publicity regarding collections and exhibitions;

Prepare catalogs, posters, and information packets concerning collections and exhibitions; correspond with public regarding collections, exhibitions, facilities, etc.; answering technical inquiries;

Direct and train assistants, part–time help, volunteers, and students who are assisting with the movement, maintenance, or security of collections and exhibits;

Writes and reviews contracts; provides written and oral reports to board, staff and outside groups;

Perform other duties as assigned.


A Bachelor’s degree in history, museum studies, fine arts, education, anthropology and three years of professional experience in a program specialty OR equivalent education and experience.


  • New class adopted by DOP 5/12/05, effective 1/1/06 and assigned state DOP code 260L; Preservation, Archives, and Museum Specialist 4 replaced higher ed 4283 Curator II and general government 25710 Curator 2; UW assigned classified non-union code 4383
  • New to SEIU-Local 925: 11/1/06