Medical Laboratory Scientist – Trainee


18402 (E S SEIU 925 HCP/LT)
18406 (NE S SEIU 925 HCP/LT)
22593 (NE H NI SEIU 925 HCP/LT)


Perform and/or provide high level support for the performance of moderate to high complexity clinical laboratory tests and interpretations used in the screening, diagnosing, and treating of pathological conditions.


While awaiting professional certification, perform and/or provide high level support for the performance at a professional level of moderate to high complexity manual and automated clinical diagnostic tests and interpretations in a clinical laboratory.


Under general supervision, perform and/or provide high level support for the performance of moderate to high complexity testing and interpretations.


Consistent with the scope of work permitted for a Trainee awaiting certification:

Perform clinical diagnostic laboratory tests; record, evaluate and interpret test results; contact appropriate personnel for tests with unusual or critical findings;

Assist in developing, following procedures and/or troubleshooting procedures and problems that may or may not include actual wet lab involvement, but requires a comprehensive understanding of laboratory testing gained from a foundation of medical technology training and experience performing moderate to high complexity testing.

Calibrate, operate, troubleshoot and perform preventive maintenance to laboratory instruments and related equipment. The following is a partial list of instruments commonly utilized by personnel in this class:

  • Microbial ID and susceptibility instrumentation
  • Blood culturing instruments and gas chromatography instrumentation
  • Blood gas analyzers; high performance liquid chromatography instrumentation
  • Light, phase and fluorescence microscopes
  • Discrete chemistry and immunoassay analyzers
  • Electrophoresis and densitometry instrumentation
  • Mass spectrometry instrumentation
  • Electronic cell counters; coagulation analyzers
  • Operate and troubleshoot total laboratory automation (TLA) systems
  • DNA extraction, DNA sequencing and library preparation instrumentation

Assure that quality control requirements are met to validate test results; record data and maintain continual quality assurance program; utilize electronic quality control system.

Utilize laboratory information system, discipline-specific middleware, as well as all institution-based computer system for test result entry and/or data acquisition;

Collect specimens; may assist and instruct patients and medical staff in proper specimen collection techniques; may assist physicians in obtaining bone marrow specimens and preparing specimens for evaluation;

Assist in instruction and training of new employees, post-doctoral fellows, residents, and students;

Act as a resource to other lab personnel including Clinical Laboratory Technicians and Specimen Processing Technicians;

Assist in the design, development and evaluation of new procedures/processes;

Prepare and verify the quality of reagents, standards, and control samples;

Perform related duties as required.


Accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Science OR equivalent education/experience


Eligible to take the Medical Laboratory Science certification examination from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), within eighteen months from date of hire. Failure to attain certification within eighteen months of date of hire may result in a recommendation for termination


  • New Class: 1-1-14
  • Revise basic function and distinguishing characteristics: 05-01-22