Licensed Practical Nurse


Representative group Job codes
WFSE Campuswide 18575 (NE S WFSE Campuswide)
20837 (NE H WFSE Campuside)
20920 (NE H WFSE HMC)
SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Professional 21357 (NE H SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Professional)
21557 (NE H Temp SEIU 1199NW UWMC Northwest Professional)


Perform practical nursing care including the administration of medication; assist in carrying out selected aspects of the designated nursing regimen. Within the scope of licensed practice, perform practical nursing care tasks, participate in patient care planning, assist with and perform therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, report and record observations of patients, assist in maintaining an optimum physical and emotional environment, and assist a registered nurse in more complex situations.


Under general supervision, participate as a member of the health care team, provide selected direct patient care, and assist with various patient care services.


Provide direct nursing care to patients such as provide patients with pre-operative and post-operative instructions, assist patients toward self-care and with activities of daily living, and instruct patients about their illnesses;

Initiate and participate in clinical emergencies such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Code 199, and other medical and psychiatric emergencies;

Prepare patients for and perform selected diagnostic/laboratory/therapeutic procedures, or measures, including assembly of sterile tray/instruments and maintenance of sterile field, minor surgical procedures, catheterization, wound irrigation, electrocardiograms, guaiac tests, blood glucose monitoring, and oxygen therapy;

Administer and document oral, topical, intramuscular, some intravenous piggyback, subcutaneous, nasogastric medications and suppositories per physician order; perform venipuncture for obtaining blood specimens; discontinue intravenous needles and intracatheters;

Perform telephone triage; follow standardized protocol(s) to provide information; document phone call in the medical record;

Interview patients to obtain such information as pertinent history, current complaint, and medications used; observe patients for signs and symptoms; collect, document, and report vital statistics such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature;

Observe, monitor, gather data, and report status of changes in patient condition;

Provide input for the development and maintenance of nursing care plans;

Monitor equipment while in use; maintain equipment and request repairs;

Act as a liaison between the patient and physician;

Attend to patient’s general appearance and belongings to maintain an orderly environment;

Practice body substance isolation techniques;

Maintain safe environment for patient by using devices such as side rails, posey belts, jackets, and night lights;

Participate in the orientation of new staff and students;

Contribute to the development of unit policies and procedures;

Participate in staff meetings, patient care conferences, and shift reports;

Direct the patient flow in outpatient units to insure patient waiting times are minimized;

Complete consult forms including diagnosis and recommended therapy/treatment; arrange for a visiting nurse service;

May schedule various procedures and appointments for patients and refer patients to support services such as social work and financial counseling;

May order supplies and medications;

May check and sterilize instruments;

Perform related duties as required.


Legal Requirement

Current license to practice as a practical nurse in the State of Washington.


  • New Class: 3-7-73
  • Revise MQ: 7-2-90
  • Revise Class/Title: 2-7-92
  • CSR Class Conversion (mc): 06-01-05
  • SEIU 1199NW UWMC-NW job profiles added effective 1/1/2020