New: Compensation Review Checklists

Last updated: November 15, 2019.

For the past few months, the HR Compensation Office has been partnering with Operational Excellence, the Integrated Service Center and a number of our clients to find ways to speed up the create position process in Workday for staff positions. This project has already resulted in an improved, easier to edit version of the Professional Staff Position Description (PSPD) (MS Word). Now we have an additional resource, intended primarily for HR Partners and Additional Approvers: review checklists. We are sharing our internal list of items that we check to ensure completeness for create position requests for the following:

Position Type View the checklist
Professional Staff Regular Position Webpage | Word .docx download
Professional Staff Temporary (salaried or hourly; ie. PSTP or LTP) Webpage | Word .docx download
Classified Staff Regular Position Webpage | Word .docx download

The more complete the materials sent to us through Workday, the more efficient the process can be.

Please note that these checklists do not need to be attached to the Workday business process. The checklists are for internal use in client departments.

And please let us know if you find these helpful. Our beta testers in the LEAN process did, but we would like to hear from you. Comments can be emailed to