Contingent overtime agreement

The Contingent Overtime Agreement may be used to offer an overtime eligible employee the opportunity to work overtime, contingent upon the employee’s willingness to accept compensatory time accrual instead of payment. The employee’s acceptance of this offer must be completely voluntary. No adverse action may be taken against an employee for refusing a contingent overtime offer. Direct questions about the use of the Contingent Overtime Agreement your HR consultant.

The following text for a Contingent Overtime Agreement may be copied for departmental use:

I understand that in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the University of Washington, with supervisory approval, allows employees to accrue compensatory time off work instead of receiving payment for overtime hours worked.

I understand that I have been offered the opportunity to work overtime on (specify date or dates and shift or hours) and that if I accept the overtime assignment I will accumulate compensatory time at the rate of one and one-half hours for each overtime hour worked. I also understand that accumulated compensatory time must be used or paid in accordance with University policy and applicable law. I have had an opportunity to review the information about Overtime Eligibility and Overtime Compensation for Non-Academic Staff.

I agree to accept the offered overtime assignment. I also understand that if any portion of the University’s policy is found to conflict with applicable law or regulation, that the conflicting portion of the policy will be invalid but the remainder of the policy continues to be in effect.


Employee Name                                            Date